Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Check out the new poster I'm on "JAM POSTER" from Iron Dead Studio's & Dead of Night Entertainment

I wanted to show off this awesome poster that I am in. The art and mind of 2 of the coolest companies, Iron Dead Studio's & Dead of Night Entertainment. What a kick-ass design this is!!!!

IRON DEAD STUDIOS/ DEAD OF NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: JAM POSTER, featuring Ginger-Stein, Mistress Morbid, The Stalking, F.R.O.S.T.Y., The Snowbeast, The Lycanthrope, The Horseman, Trainman, Lathan Bronx, Officer Sully and the Juggernaut. This image, a joint effort between myself and fellow twisted mind Bobby Ray Akers, hints at the projects in development, projects to come and overall is a pretty sweet picture :)

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