Saturday, January 21, 2012

New feature film "The Fallen One" Directed by Rick J Vasquez

Check out the feature film "The Fallen One" directed by Rick J Vasquez & Written by Michael S. Rodriguez.

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Release Date
Deep Murder Productions L.L.C/MSR STUDIOS Inc.
Arizona Grind House with a Sleaze of salt and lime.
Plot Outline
A man is pushed to his limits as he seeks revenge on his fellow partners who have deceived and left him with nothing. He then turns the cards and tables on anyone and everything that gets in his way. He will, kill,kill,and kill again,just to get his answers. He is THE FALLEN ONE!!!!! YOU WILL REMEMBER HIM OR DIE!!!
Michael S. Rodriguez,DeeDee Bigalow
Directed By
Rick J Vasquez
Written By
Michael S. Rodriguez
Screenplay By
Michael S. Rodriguez
Produced By
Michael S. Rodriguez/Rick J Vasquez

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