Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The film "TASTE ME" WINS 2 awards at the 2012 Reel Terror Film Festival!!!

How awesome is that!!!! The short film "TASTE ME" that I was in, won 2 awards on Saturday Oct 20th at the Reel Terror Film Festival held in beautiful Tampa, FL. Most of the cast and crew from the film was present and what a great night it was. Lots of great indie films were played there as well. I am so proud and happy to have been a part of this awesome film Written, Directed and Produced by Chris Woods of Icon Films Studio's.

Here are some of the pictures below from the film fest and also a special thanks to 
Shade Burnett for the awesome video that she made from the event. 
Check it all out right here at CYNDILAND!!

The lovely 2012 Reel Terror Film Fest video created by Shade Burnett

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Check out the indiegogo page for the short film "Miss Poppins"

"Miss Poppins" is an action short film starring DeeDee Bigelow, Brett Wagner,Don Scribner, Jesse Nelson, J.R. Gennuso, Ron Kari and Roger Torres.

Starring Dee Dee Bigleow, Brett Wagner, Don Scribner, Jesse Nelson, J.R Gennuso, Ron Kari and Roger Torres.

This film will be directed by Felipe Schmidt and Written by Michael K Snyder. The screenplay is by Dee Dee Bigelow and will be produced by Dee Dee Bigelow, Brett Wagner & Michael K. Snyder.

They are almost at their goal but still need a little more to go. Head over to their Indiegogo page today and help them make this short film happen. Click here to go to the Indiegogo page for Miss Poppins.

Check out the web show for "The Sleaze Box"


SLEAZE BOX: EPISODE 9 - TOP 5 SCARIEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME. The ninth episode of The Sleaze Box, which is our Halloween show featuring the Top 5 Scariest Movies of All Time. Plus see a pair of witches get ready for some trick or treaters! This show features Top 5 lists to a number of topics associated with cult and grindhouse films. The hosts of the show are John Miller and Chris Woods and they will discuss anything from horror, sci-fi, action, and exploitation films. The Sleaze Box also features The Grindhouse Girls, who introduce each Top 5 in every episode.

Direct link to episode:  

Web Site link:  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Brand new indie feature film "Come Morning" to premiere at AFF Oct 21st

We are so very happy for these guys and what they have accomplished so far with this film. As of June 1, 2012, the film has been completed and is in its festival run. This weekend for the first time, the independent suspense feature film "Come Morning" will make it's first World Premiere at the Austin Film Festival in Austin, Texas on Sunday Oct 21st. 

On Saturday October 20th, Derrick Sims who is the writer and director of this film, will be discussing production and post-production for "Come Morning" at the Independent Filmmaking panel at 10:45am at the Austin Film Festival.  If you're going to be in the Austin, TX area this weekend and you have a producer's badge, stop by! 

The film stars my good friend and fellow actor, Michael Ray Davis. He will be in attendance this weekend for the premiere.

Check out the trailer below to this awesome film.

Tell them you heard about on CYNDILAND!!!!

Come Morning" follows a boy and his grandfather during the 15 hours following a tragic hunting accident. 

To keep up to date on this an more for "Come Morning", become a fan of the facebook page for Come Morning. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Rants & Raves Day!!! Award winning horror film "BEWARE" is now available for digital download

Beware was released nationally on October 18th 2011 with Blockbuster, Netflix, On Demand, Amazon.com. and was featured in festivals all over the country in 2011. Beware has been nominated for numerous awards and has won 6 Best Feature Awards on its festival run. Now for the first time "Beware" is available online for all to see!!

If you're and indie horror lover then please show your support and Stream or Download this horror film made by Slasher Fans for Slasher Fans! Click on link to go to the official site for "BEWARE"!!! 

Become a fan of the facebook fan page for BEWARE.

Check out the Trailer below

A local legend has it that an unwanted boy was chained to a tree in the forest years ago and left to die by his murderous father, but survived and wanders the wilderness with his chains fused to his body, seeking bloodthirsty revenge. For five teenagers with car trouble on a trip to concert, the myth is about to become a terrifying reality in this gory horror thriller.

Directed by: Jason Daly
Produced by: Shawn Copenhaver

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tune in for Season 1 for the web series "The Hunters Moon" on Fridays at 2pm EST

"The Hunter's Moon" web series that I am in will be shown on Fridays October 12th at 2pm EST.  The premiere episode aired on Oct 7th so be sure you mark your calendars and don't miss out on this brand new series for Season 1.

Check out the the preview for Season 1 of The Hunters Moon

Head over to the official fan page for The Hunters Moon and click the LIKE button on the page to keep up to date on Season 1 web series!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The film "TASTE ME" is an official selection for the 2012 Reel Terror Film Festival

Check it out, the film I'm in for "TASTE ME" is an official selection for the 2012 Reel Terror Film Festival. How freaking kick-ass is that!!!! What a pleasure it was to work with everyone involved in this film!!!! Read below to keep up to date on times and locations that you can go see this awesome film!!! 

Taste Me is an official selection for this years 
2012 Reel Terror Film Festival held in Ybor City, FL.
The festival will be held on Saturday Oct 20th at Creative Loafing

The short film "TASTE ME" is a horror throwback to 70's grindhouse films. It's about a killer targeting women on an escort service web site called "Tasty Chicks".  A detective is tracking the killer and trying to protect the women from the site before another girl ends up dead.  As the killer is lurking around the city it appears that someone is not what they seem to be. 

Written by Chris Woods with John Miller
Directed & Produced by: Chris Woods of Icon Film Studio's

CAST:  Joe Makowski, Trish Dempsey, Shade Burnett, Cyndi Crotts, Jeanie Ingle, Jill Larramore, Bob Glazier, Mike Christopher, Joel Wynkoop.

Check out the official trailer

"TASTE ME" has also been selected to play at The Buzz on Harbour Island on Thursday Oct 11th, 2012  in Tampa, FL. which is part of the COFFEEHOUSE FILMS. The event starts at 7pm. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Official Trailer now online for the brand new horror film I'm in "CREEPY CRAWLY"

Check it out...brand new and ready to be seen the official trailer to the horror film "CREEPY CRAWLY" is HERE!!!!! The Official Movie Trailer for the horror film Stars Scream Queen Cyndi Crotts and SyFy's Ghost Hunters International, Scott Tepperman, and was released Exclusively on DreadCentral.com!!! It will also include an interview with Director Robert J. Massetti of the film. 

This film was Directed and Produced by Jason Daly & Robert J. Massetti

Become a fan of the facebook fan page for this kick-ass film 
and LIKE the page to show your support!!! 
Click here to go to the Official fanpage for CREEPY CRAWLY

Check out the latest press on the film so far....

Dread Central was the first to get the exclusive interview and trailer 
on the film. Click link below to read the full article.


HorrorMovies.ca was second inline to get the scoop and do up an interview on the film. Click on link to read their article about the film along with the trailer.


The World premiere of "CREEPY CRAWLY" will be shown at the Freakshow Horror Film Festival held at Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Orlando, FL. Make sure you get out to see this awesome film and meet and greet with the cast and crew!!!

TIME: 11:30PM