Saturday, January 21, 2012

Check out the Internet premiere event for short film "Fragile House" January 21st

We hope you enjoy the Internet Premiere of "Fragile House" - a short film Directed by Dale Metz & Written by Jennifer East.

Anna East was awarded "Best Female Voice Over" and Grace Chapman was awarded "Best Adolescent Actor" for their performances in "Fragile House".

Watch this short film "Fragile House"
She wished that I would disappear. I wished I COULD disappear into my own perfect world.

Anna East, Grace Chapman, Maddie Bright, Mary Brotherton, Betty Gillander,Tiffany Dion, Ella Schnacky, Makaylee Rinaldo, Bayley Ellenburg, Raven Megna, Nickolas Wolf, Kristian Galloway, Giovanni Galloway, Adrice Galloway

Directed by: Dale Metz
Co-Director: Jennifer East
Screenplay by: Jennifer East
Produced by: Dale Metz & Jennifer East

Cast List:
Holly age 7 - Grace Chapman
Beth age 7 - Makaylee Rinaldo
Holly age 13 - Anna East
Beth age 13 - Maddie Bright
Holly age 15 - Anna East
Beth age 15 - Maddie Bright
Holly age 18 - Anna East
Lauren age 6 - Ella Schnacky
Lauren age 11 - Tiffany Dion
Laruen age 14 - Tiffany Dion
Debbie - mother- Betty Gillander
Louise - Mary Brotherton
Michelle -Bayley Ellenburg
Lisa - Raven Megna
Ryan - Nickolas Wolf
Kristian Galloway
Giovanni Galloway
Adrice Galloway

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