Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Nightmare Collection Vol 2 Written & Directed by Rick Danford of Enigma Films

The film I'm in "Nightmare Collection: Volume 2" is looking to ramp up again. Just a couple of more Necro Nancy scenes remain and then production of the Collection will be underway. There is still time for you to be a part of Necro Nancy's bloody history in the making DVD! Help us SPREAD THE WORD!

Written & Directed by Rick Danford of Enigma Films

She's Beautiful.....She's Dead......And She's Back!!

Check out the teaser trailer

The Nightmare Collection Volume 1 is a Horror Short Film Collection that was released several years ago and is currently still available on DVD. The collection introduces our undead Hostess Necro Nancy as she has returned from the dead to seek revenge on the people that sent her to her early demise. In between she is introducing some of the very best Short Horror Films from all over the world. The Nightmare Collection Volume 2 will be taking the collection to a whole other level as our Hostess continues tracking down her former band mates and dispatching them in very unique and uncompromising ways while still introducing her audience to another round of some great Short Horror Films. We look to be taking what we started with Volume 1 and upping the ante considerably, thus bringing an unflinching and entertaining package to the table for Horror Fans everywhere!

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