Friday, January 27, 2012

Check out the hot new gear & clothing line by Social Menace

Social Menace Clothing, it's more than gear.. it's a way of life!

We represent the underground scene from FL to the NY

Their Mission: To unite & support those 
artist who fight everyday to do what they love best!

Their products range from Clothing Apparel, CDs and DVDs and much more.

Social Menace represents the underground because that's how we live!
We are the underground. We keep it 100% REAL. No half-steppin, no faking. 100% REAL! We make our gear for our family of actors, artists, deejays, fighters, musicians, rappers and those who choose to live their life differently than most. We make the gear WE wear in the streets. We live life like a menace and proudly rep our family in the game. We are SOCIAL MENACE!!!

Official website for SOCIAL MENACE

Here are just a few pieces below from their collection....

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