Thursday, June 28, 2012

New article on on the upcoming feature film Hells Little Angels

Check it out...more press!!!! Brand new article about our film "Hells Little Angels" on!!! How kick-ass is that!!!! #hellslittleangels 

Click here to read the full article "Hells Little Angels" Prepares to Take Flight

We are just so happy and excited to see more press about our film. We would like to say thank you for posting up about our film and letting people know to be on the look out for this kick-ass grind house horror feature film!!!!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HELLS LITTLE ANGELS now has bumper stickers for sale!!!

That's right.....more goodies are here for the upcoming feature grind house horror film "Hells Little Angels". So come grab your HLA Swag TODAY!!!!!

Check it out, we now have Bumper Stickers for sale 

for our feature grind house film "Hells Little Angles"
All proceeds will go towards the making of the feature film.

These will be available for purchase at the CYNDILAND STORE!!!

Grab your HLA bumper stickers and show your support!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Check out all the latest press on the new upcoming horror film I'm cast in for "CREEPY CRAWLY"

Here are the latest write ups below about the newest film that I've been cast in called "CREEPY CRAWLY". I'm excited and honored to be chosen to be in this film and just over-whelmed at the buzz that it has gotten so far. I'm really looking forward to being on set when we start filming in the next few months. I just want to give a shout out to Robert J. Massetti and Jason Daly for casting me in their new film. Really looking forward to working with them both. To keep up to date on this film please go LIKE the facebook fan page for this awesome new film "CREEPY CRAWLY".


New article write up on HorrorBug....they announce me as cast in the new upcoming film "CREEPY CRAWLY" kick-ass is that!!!!
You can read the full article by going to this link NEWS: CREEPY CRAWLY adds Cyndi Crots to the cast

Horrorbug is an International Horror Magazine and blog


MORE PRESS!!!! Another new write up on announce me as being cast in the new upcoming film "CREEPY CRAWLY"....this is just more awesome news!!!!
You can read the full article by going to this link Cyndi Crotts Cast in Creepy Crawly

Breaking horror industry news, exclusive interviews, 
movie reviews, giveaways and more


EVEN MORE PRESS!!!! How kick-ass is this. Check out this latest article on as they announce me being cast in the new upcoming film "CREEPY CRAWLY"!!!
You can read the full article by going to this link Creepy Crawly Casts Up Cyndi Crotts is a fan site run by fans 
and for fans giving you your daily fix on all things horror

Monday, June 25, 2012

Check out the latest upcoming horror film I've been cast in "CREEPY CRAWLY"

Fear Film Motion Pictures Studios just announced a new short film that is now in the works called ‘Creepy Crawly’. The film will be produced under the New Fear Film Division Banner ‘Scream Factory’ in conjunction with Road 8 Entertainment. The film will mark the first collaboration between indie horror filmmakers Robert J. Massetti and Jason Daly. Robert is best known for his films 'Phobias', 'Realms of Blood' and FEAR GIRLS video series. He will team up with Jason Daly, who won numerous awards for his feature film "BEWARE", which was a festival favorite. 

The Horror Short will be shot this summer in West Palm Beach, FL with a scheduled premier some time in October of 2012. The film will be shot in both English and Spanish with the Spanish version scheduled to air on a Spanish Speaking Cable Television Network at a later date. The English version will tour the film festival circuit to raise awareness of a feature length version that will be in the works once financing can be found.

'CREEPY CRAWLY' will premiere at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in October 2012 in Orlando, FL and will travel around the globe hitting the film festival circuit starting in 2013.

Synopsis: A family living on a rural farm fight to survive an encounter with a creepy, bloodthirsty creature never seen before by human eyes.

Actress and model Cyndi Crotts has just been attached to ‘Creepy Crawly’ and will play the role of Mary in the English version. Cyndi has starred in numerous horror shorts, like ‘Taste Me', "B.F.F.’ and ‘Slip of the Tongue’, as well as several horror features like ‘Brainjacked’, ‘Bikini Monsters’ and 'Stopped Dead'.
Written by: Robert J. Massetti, Jason Daly & Jason Marsiglia
Produced by: Robert J. Massetti & Jason Daly
Directed by: Robert J. Massetti & Jason Daly

You can find out more about Creepy Crawly from the page links below.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vote for Ronald Diltz to win a walk on role on one of Tyler Perry's films.

We were asked here at CYNDILAND to help spread the word for Mr. Ronald Diltz  and to help spread the word for him to get voted in to be on a walk on role on one of Typer Perry's films. Read below for the information an the link to his video and support this independent actor and VOTE for him!!!!

Ronald Diltz has entered his video in for the Tyler Perry Talent Search presented by Madea's Witness Protection In Theaters June 29th. All you have to do is hit the "Vote For This" button!!! You can vote more than once!!! That's it!!

We wish you all the best Ronald!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

New write up on Horror Society for the upcoming feature film Hells Little Angels

Brand new write up on Horror Society's website for the feature film Hells Little Angels. #hellslittleangels
Click link to read the full article "Hell’s Little Angels moving along nicely, t-shirts available"

HLA also announces new cast members to the film as well.
Michelle Shields will play SKY
Fran Rafferty will play SLIM
Cameron Bigelow will play SCOTT

Click the link above to read the full article. Also become a fan of Hells Little Angels as well and LIKE their page when you visit in order to keep up to date with all things happening with the film.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

"HELLS LITTLE ANGELS" now has teaser posters for sale!!!!

Check it out, we now have teaser posters for sale for our feature grind house film
 "Hells Little Angels". The poster size is 18x24 Semi-Gloss. 
All proceeds will go towards the making of the feature film. 
So come grab yourself an HLA teaser poster to show your support!!!!!

Be looking for these at the CYNDILAND STORE for purchase!!!

Official Facebook fan page for "HELLS LITTLE ANGELS"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New web series I am cast in "The Hunters Moon" by Kelly D. Weaver

New web series I have been cast in called "THE HUNTERS MOON". A film by Kelly D. Weaver of Terminal 52 films.

Official facebook fanpage for THE HUNTERS MOON

They are also holding a casting call for this web series on Sun June 24th from 1pm-6pm so head over to their official facebook fanpage to find out more on this series. 

Click on link below to find out more on the audition. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New press release on the upcoming feature film I am in "The Breed: Feeding On Fear"

Check out the latest new press release on Horror Society about another upcoming feature film I am in called "THE BREED: Feeding On Fear". This is so exciting!!!!

Click here to read the latest press release on Horror Society's website about THE BREED!!!

Also become a fan of the Official Facebook fan page for the feature 
film THE BREED to keep up to date on all things happening.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New upcoming feature film I'm cast in "The Fallen One".

Come be a fan of the upcoming feature film I'll be in called "THE FALLEN ONE". This is a Action/Grindhouse/Thriller film with an awesome cast attached to it.

DIRECTED BY: Rick J Vasquez
WRITTEN BY: Michael S. Rodriguez

THE STORY: A man is pushed to his limits as he seeks revenge on his fellow partners who have deceived and left him with nothing. He then turns the cards and tables on anyone and everything that gets in his way. He will, kill,kill,and kill again,just to get his answers. He is THE FALLEN ONE!!!!! YOU WILL REMEMBER HIM OR DIE!!!

STARRING: Joe Zaso, Jake Roberts, Fred Williamson, Michael S. Rodriguez, DeeDee Bigelow, Robert Lasardo, James VanBebber,Cyndi Crotts, Brett Wagner

The Fallen One T-shirts are also available as well. Head over 
to their Facebook fan page and grab yours today!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

HELLS LITTLE ANGELS T-shirts are now available

That's right you can now order your Hells Little Angels T-shirts from Fast Custom Shirts.

Get over there TODAY and grab yourself one of these kick-ass t-shirts and help show your love and support 
for our film HELLS LITTLE ANGELS!!! Partial proceeds will go towards the making of our film.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Ginger-Stein Cover Art by Dennis Willman

Check out the comic book that I am in "GINGER-STEIN: RISE of the UNDEAD". 
You can see my character as Officer Sully as she is transformed on this cover.

This is the COLLECTED EDITION, FINAL RELEASE COVER ARTWORK 2012. Magazine prestige format. Artwork an cover art by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studios.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm cast in the new film Intrusive Behavior by Caisson Films

I'm cast in the new upcoming feature film "Intrusive Behavior". 
Psychological Thriller by Caisson Films.

Go check it out an become a fan of this awesome film.


After 10 year old Heidi is committed to an institution for behavioral problems, Her family moves on with their lives. When they are told Heidi has committed suicide they feel they can finally break free of the guilt of abandoning their child 15 years earlier. But all is not what it seems as the family is stalked by an intruder who has a debt to settle.

Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff, Lorrie Remington & Taylor Frase 

DIRECTED BY: Brian Troxell
WRITTEN BY: Johnna Troxell & Brian Troxell

Also be sure to grab yourself one of their t-shirts 
also when you visit their page

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The band DOLLFACE playing at The Social Saturday June 2nd

DOLLFACE will be playing at The Social tonight!!!
Doors open at 8pm.

Other bands to play will be Fine Lady Mustache, 
The Dropa Stone and Blaine the Mono!

Where: The Social - 54 North Orange Ave, Orlando, FL
Time: 8:00pm-1:00am

If you want to see DOLLFACE tonight, then click link to get your tickets:

"Undead Apocalypse" a film by Danny & Lazaro Nunez

A Palma Real LLC Production in Association with Sebastian
Entertainment and DeMarco Films.

This film was written and directed by the twin brothers 

Danny and Lazaro Nunez of Palma Real LLC.

Plot Outline: After a successful bio-attack by Islamic extremist terrorists that causes a sudden zombie outbreak, a small group of survivors at a university struggle to reach a professor's lab where a possible cure to the pathogen resides. 

Starring: Christopher Diaz Joe Coffey Sophia Ana Thomas Bekkers TylerLipman Kaleigh Baugh Vincent DeMarco Brittany Fernandez Pete LaMasterwith Matthew Strickland

To find out more, go be a fan of the official facebook fan page for Undead Apocalypse

"Gloves and Roses" a New film coming soon by Robert Therrien

Synopsis for Gloves & Roses
"Gloves and Roses" is a bitter sweet romantic farce about how a lack of communications almost destroys a personal relationship between a struggling actor and a woman boxer. The film starts with Jonathan Longfellow meeting Sheila Mire at Midtown North in New York Cirty, where she works as a cop. Their first meeting starts on a sour note when she gives him a lousy top for delivering her lunch late. After a series of head on collisions, they have a mixed boxing match, where they become attracted to each other. During their relationship  they both change careers, and their schedules prevent them from communicating with each other, bringing up suspicions that there is cheating going on. They decide to get married, and because of a big misunderstanding, Jonathan dumps Sheila at the altar, resulting in a hilarious climax!