Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teaser trailer for the feature film "Snatched" Written & Directed by Kelly Weaver

What a great time I had working with everyone in the making of the trailer for this film. Below you will be able to see the trailer along with a few pictures from the set. Hope you all ENJOY!!!!

Check out the teaser trailer for the up-coming Sci-fi/Drama feature film "Snatched" 
Written and Directed by Kelly D. Weaver & Produced by Terminal 52 Films 

New Years Eve....The Montgomery's and the Daniels are celebrating with some friends. Charlie Ross is filming the event. His sister Ada gets a call from her daughter Kyra that changes their lives forever. Who was the Man in Black and most importantly.....Where is Melanie Montgomery!!!!

Teaser Trailer for "Snatched"

Pictures from the set of the teaser trailer 

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