Saturday, January 7, 2012

Erin Belle is the cover model for the new 2012 Jan/Feb issue of PinUp America Magazine

Hot off the presses- the newest issue of PinUp America Magazine is now available. (issue #7 Jan/Feb '12)

Then check out the PinUp America Shop or go over to their website at PinUp America.

Here is what you can expect to read about in this issue....
-Cover & Centerfold: Miss Muddy Roots Erin Belle (by UVUDU Imaging)
-Page 3 Pinups w/Ink - Rachel Anne Aust (by Mannon Pictures)
-Puttin' the Rock in Rockabilly: The First Bass-Man of Rock-n-Roll, Marshall Lytle (by Greg Laxton)
-Time Flies: Photo Gift Ideas (by Bodacious Betty)
-Diary of a Tattoo: Austin's Dark Henk (By Dawn Harlan)
-Burlesque Around the World: Angie Pontani, the NYC bump and grinder! (by Contessa)
-the Pin Up America Ashow - special Guests & Shows
-Correspondents Corner - Poland's Body art Convention (by Reddnessa)
-How to be a PinUp: My Valentine's Day with Lux De Ville (by Judy Pop)
-Honeys in a Hearse - Meghan Murder from Chicago's Murder PinUps Speaks! (by DC Larson)
-Featured Artist - NYC's Santiago
-PinUp From Down Under: Miss Pinup Australia (by Miss Pixie)
Winners of the Jan/Feb '12 International Photo Contest
-All Dolled Up - Queen of Hearts (by Jay Burnett, Featuring Dawn Harlan, McDevitt Photos and Kitty)
-Past Events Photo Pages
-Future Events Around the World
-The Retro Corner: Humorama (by Erica Hesse), Recipe and Slang Dictionary

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