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Check out the novels from Robert Cales a writer of paranormal thrillers

Robert Cales writes paranormal thrillers. He is also the Creative Director at ScaryBob Productions, an eBook publisher and yes, he is ScaryBob. ScaryBob Productions launched on October 1, 2011 with his first 2 novels "Devil Glass" and "The Bookseller". 

Below you will find a glimpse of each story. These are both available for download from Amazon and iTunes. Head over to his website to check  them both out at Scary Bob Productions.

We hope you enjoy....let Robert know that 
you heard about his books through CYNDILAND!!!!


A rift between two worlds that has been sealed for thousands of years is about to be discovered. One world filled with the best and worst of humanity is in danger of being exposed to a dark world of winged predators from the dawn of man. The abominations with fearsome jaws and steel trap like talons are waiting for feeding time to begin.
Joyce Robbins has it all or so it seems. Her beauty is unmarred by her forty-eight years and her education in archaeology is the foundation for a rewarding career with a well respected museum in the Midwest, but problems go unseen. Locked away in a dark corner of her mind are the memories of three best friends and the pain she has refused to acknowledge for thirty years. Something has stirred those memories. As an archaeologist Joyce is about to encounter an ancient artifact containing the only example of Antitheus Vitrum the world has ever seen.
Antitheus Vitrum, an aberrant crystalline structure predicted to exist by an archaic Numerology based science, has just been discovered. The enormous crystal framed in petrified logs carved into totems is an enigma within an enigma. Archaeologists study the artifact with their science, tools, and intellect, but they fail to understand the warnings carved into the frame and they cannot comprehend the dark secret poised to relegate humanity to a prey species.


George Saunders, a rare book collector and dealer owns and operates The Bookseller, a bookstore in Boston near Boston Common. His wife, the former Elizabeth Stratton came from a different background, growing up around a family run fishing cannery. The property that became The Bookseller and their home was a wedding present from Elizabeth’s father thirty years before the story begins.

John Stoner, lead man for the largest construction company in the country, current assignment Freetown, Massachusetts where land is to be cleared for a mall. The first job is to engage as many Freetown residents as he can to clear a section of woods and raze an old house within the woods. The residents of Freetown have a special designation for the house targeted for destruction. The structure is referred to as The House and has been the focus of local legend for two hundred years. Within Freetown John discovers friendship and love. Within the ruins of The House an ancient book of unknown origin is discovered.
Frank Richter operates a funeral home inherited from his grandfather. The gift of a rare book from a deceased client reconnects him with two old friends that he has not seen in five years. He spends a week with George and Elizabeth on their sailboat and receives a wake-up call concerning too much work and no play. He returns home haunted by the memories of the week on Andromeda and comes to the realization that things need to change in his life. 
Carlos Ramirez is the ruthless leader of a South American drug cartel, violent beyond the pale and yet he is but the tip of the iceberg.  He hides a dark secret that has plagued humanity from the beginning, a secret that runs red with blood. Carlos is the latest incarnation of an evil nonhuman spirit that the world has known by other names: Cain, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Vlad the Impaler, Blackbeard the Pirate, Jack the Ripper and Adolf Hitler, to name a few. The nonhuman spirit skips from life to life through time while maintaining memories of everything.
His best men have just perfected a method of infusing liquid cocaine into the pages of books and withdrawing it at the destination point. He has located a bookstore in the perfect location for acquisition to complete the first step of his plan.
He picked the wrong bookstore.

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