Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comic Book Divas Launches its online Store!!!!

Comic Book Divas now has their own online comic book store; in the past the Comic Book Divas fans could purchase their favorite Comic Book Divas titles was at conventions only but now Comic Book Divas is proud to announce the opening of the Comic Book Divas Store!!!! I'm so very happy and honored to be a part of the Comic Book Divas family. These girls along with owner, Jeff Hughes,  are all such a great bunch to be involved with.  So if you're looking for Ginger-Stein-Rise of the Undead comic that I am in, now you can get it online!!!!

Comic Book Divas is a small press comic book publishing company that works with women from around the entertainment industry such as models, actresses, and horror film scream queens from around the country and features them in the pages of our comics.
By placing the women into our comic books it brings an added element of realism to the comic book story, this in turn offers a unique reading experience for the comic book reader because they are reading a story that features the likeness of a real person this allows the reader to become more involved in the story and care about the characters.
The Comic Book Divas store is the place to buy Comic Book Divas titles, prints, t-shirts, and even original art work, in addition the website will offer exclusive variant covers that you can only purchase from the Comic Book Divas Store.
In addition the website also offer titles and other merchandise from other small press companies like Scattered StudiosLegends Of Heroes And Villains, and Iron Dead Studios.

SoulSwitch to play at House of Blues Sept 3rd in Orlando Florida

 SoulSwitch will be playing at the House of Blues on September 3rd. Doors open at 8:00pm....BE THERE!!!!!!!

Need FREE TICKETS!! Just message any member of SoulSwitch with the quantity and your address and they will get them the week of the show!! ROCK ON!!!

                                    The Story of SoulSwitch......

SoulSwitch is a 5 piece modern rock/melodic metal band out of Orlando, Florida. "SoulSwitch has an unmistakable and uniquely explosive sound,” declared Connections Magazine in their glowing review of the band's six song EP. Impressive words that only begin to describe the sound of the Orlando based powerhouse. In the short time since the band's inception they’ve amazed a remarkable list of accomplishments, including being chosen by the listeners to earn a coveted slot on the WJRR Earth Day Birthday 15 second stage alongside Another Black Day, Rev Theory, and Saving Abel and have won a second time to play Earthday Birthday 17. They have also shared the stage with Filter, Sevendust, Nonpoint, and Saving Abel to name a few.

Onstage, SoulSwitch displays a riveting, thunderous performance of their crowd pleasing original material. In a recent show review Connections Magazine wrote, “They’ve grown from a good local band to a band ready for national exposure.” That fact hasn’t been lost on their steadily growing fan base. SoulSwitch has attracted 1,200 fans as they headlined Hard Rock Live in Orlando, Florida. They have recently been a regular at House of Blues- Orlando opening for Sevendust or headlining the local shows. Not bad for a bunch of guys doing what comes naturally—making great music.The current and final lineup of SoulSwitch has been in place since late 2006. Writing and performing incomparable songs is a team effort, with each member contributing through their strengths. Together they form a sound uniquely their own, yet filled with mainstream hooks ready for active rock radio.

SoulSwitch… One word… Five amazing performers… the Black and Red have arrived.

Click here to go to the Official Website for SoulSwitch

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The official Ginger-Stein website is here!!!!!

Check it out....The official GINGER-STEIN website is here!!!!! Go read all about the comic book I'm in along with many others who are involved as well. I want to give a great big Thank You to Dennis Willman, the man himself who created this kick-ass comic book and who brought us all to life with his creations & illustrations....YOU ROCK!!!!

Here are just a few of the newest images from the Ginger-Stein website. Go check it out and become a fan of Ginger-Stein comic book series.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Check out my most recent interview on Scream Queen Army!!!!!

Come check out my newest interview on Scream Queen Army. I want to thank Chris Dunlop for this great opportunity!!!!

What a real treat it was to be interviewed by Scream Queen Army. Go over and check them out and read up on all their interviews from the past. You can also leave a comment on his page as well. Thanks so much again to Chris of Scream Queen Army...You ROCK!!!! 

                                  Click here to read my interview

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Check out my latest Interview on Bloodletting!!!

Check out my latest interview on Bloodletting. I had such a great time doing this interview for Michael Voit of Bloodletting. What an awesome guy he is. He told me that so far, my interview has become the most popular to date on their blog page. 

I went over to check out all the responses that everyone has written so far. I have to say, I was very amazed at all the positive feedback that people have left from my interview. They really made me feel very welcomed to be a part of this interview. 

Please go over and check it out. I want to give a great big Thank you to Michael Voit of Bloodletting for this awesome interview!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please vote for Jordan Eisenberger to appear on the TV series MADMEN!!

My good friend Jordan Eisenberger has been entered in a casting call. He has the opportunity to appear on AMCs MADMEN but he needs your votes! 

Please if you would take a moment and click below to vote for him and help him to achieve this :) 

You can only vote once per day through the duration of the contest so please vote everyday and ask all your friends to help also :)

                                               Please click here to vote!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Check out the short film "Crestfallen" written by Russ Penning

Crestfallen will hit the festival circuit starting this upcoming year in 2012. It's already gotten multiple positive will want to mark this one down on your list of films to be on the look out for. 

The Storyline of the film.....
When Lo has her life come crashing down on top of her, she makes the impulsive decision to end her own life. Now with her health hanging in the balance, she questions her decision. With every drop of blood rippling in to a new memory, will the bad ones take her life, or will the good ones overpower them?

This is a Russ Penning film in association with Muscle Wolf Productions.

The film's cast include, Deneen Melody, Michael Partipilo, Nikki Watson & Austin Dossey. 

The find out more on this film and to read all the reviews, go check out Crestfallen Facebook Page 

Make sure you also check out Crestfallen IMDB page as well. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Check out the trailer for the film "The Wall"'s sure to be a hit!!!

"THE WALL" is written and directed by the team that brought you Zombie Dearest, one of the smartest low-budget horror/comedies of the last five years… Two-time Best Feature Winner, Two-time Audience Favorite winner, Zombie Dearest was embraced by festivals, critics and filmmakers alike and is featured as one of the very few recommended picks in the soon-to-be released “Zombie Movie Encyclopedia 2000-2010” by Peter Dendle. Please consider supporting their production of "THE WALL". For little more than it cost you to walk out on Epic Movie, you can be part of a completely original, completely independent filmmaking team.....And what promises to be one helluva ride!!!!

The Summary:
"The Wall" is the story of a man who more and more of us are getting to know.  He’s a man who’s worked his entire life to create a home – in this case a house, that’s taken from him by an unscrupulous financier. When faced with the unthinkable prospect of homelessness, he moves into a long, narrow space between the walls and crosses into a reality written in the margins of his own life; where access to the life he knew is afforded by a peep-hole that looks out into his old living room.  When the Man is forced into an impossible choice between saving a stranger and hanging onto his secret home, we discover the identity of this man and the gruesome secret he’s been keeping.

Cast & Crew
Scream Clock Productions is a tight, four-person filmmaking team, forged in the making of Zombie Dearest, drawing even tighter to make The Wall.  David Kemker will direct, his wife Wendy Jewell will produce, their daughter Slater will shoot and edit, and co-writer Mark Cavanagh will Exec Produce.  We are teaming with film critic and writer Will Colby and graphic novelist Anastasia Vousikas, both of who will drive promotion of the film on their website and beyond.  The partnership strikes a template for how to get an original, un-tampered-with movie made in a down economy when the bottom has fallen out of independent film production and distribution.  

Check out their official website for The Wall to learn more.

Also make sure to check out their IndieGoGo page as well. 

Help Support Independent Films!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday Rants & Raves Day...check out Matt Bonacci!!!!

Check out my good friend Matt Bonacci...he got his chance to audition for Karaoke Battle USA.
CYNDILAND wanted to recognize him for our FRIDAY Rants & Raves day to show him our support.

Keep your eye out for him on tonights episode of Karaoke Battle USA on ABC at 9pm EST.
We're keeping our fingers crossed that he made the cut!!!!

Good Luck Matt and we wish you all the success in the World!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please vote for Michelle Shield to appear on the TV series MADMEN!!

My good friend Michelle Shields has been entered in a casting call. She has the opportunity to appear on AMCs MADMEN but she needs votes!

Please if you would take a moment and click below to vote for her and help her to achieve this :) 

You can only vote once per day through the duration of the contest so please vote everyday and ask all your friends to help also :)

Thanks:) ♥

                                      Click here to vote for Michelle Shields

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The short film "2:22" is available now for FREE to watch online!!!!!

This is a 4 time award winning short film!!!
A must see for everyone.

Wake Up world, it's time to die!
Abyssmal Entertainment's "2:22" to Premiere in Spain and Los Angeles

ORLANDO, FLA., SEPTEMBER 9 – Abyssmal Entertainment is proud to announce that its latest cinematic creation; the short horror thriller 2:22, will have it's World Premiere at the 42nd Annual SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia where it will compete as a selection of the "Oficial Fant├ástic".

Immediately following the film's World Premiere in Spain, 2:22 will have it's North American Premiere--at the legendary Mann's Chinese Theater--as part of the 2009Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

2:22 is the terrifying story of Vickie Palmer who, after an incredible night out with her girlfriends, is wrenched from her peaceful slumber and cast mercilessly into a world spinning out of control. Writhing half naked on the cold porcelain tile of her bathroom floor, Vickie desperately tries to piece together the tragic turn of events that has twisted her once carefree life into a nightmare of pain and suffering. But when she discovers the truth, will it be too late to save her from eternal damnation?

The film, which was written and directed by Steven Shea and produced by Tim Anderson is the culmination of an intense production schedule that saw a three-day whirlwind of principal photography which was then followed up with an extreme three week post-production process, in order to have the film ready for a fall festival run. "I don't think we could have dared ask for a more devoted cast and crew" says producer Tim Anderson. A point that is reiterated by Shea "After being beaten, bloodied and shot at during production, its amazing to see our horrific vision come to life". Discover more at

                  Click here to go watch the short film "2:22"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Check it out...SoulSwitch plays at THE HAVEN in Winter Park, FL Aug 27th!!!

Come check out this Kick-ass band. You don't want to miss this!!!!

Saturday August 27th at 8:00pm @ The Haven in Winter Park, FL

Monday, August 15, 2011

Alien Vengeance Roadside Online Premiere August 26th!!!!

See the movie from any computer and on many internet capable TVs and devices! 
"Alien Vengeance" the short film that Jason Liquori of Hocus Focus Productions shot in New York.

You will be able to see this short film LIVE online on AUGUST 26th 2011 starting at 7:00pm-10:00pm EST.

                         Recent award winner at Tulsa's Underground Horror FilmFest 2011 !

The movie will be online and available under the "Sci-fi" section of the online theatre.
Open event. Invite your friends.
To watch online click on this link!!!
Hocus Focus Productions FREE Cinema 

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday Rants & Raves Day...check out Jimmy Star Entertainment!!!

Here's the exclusive news on the launching of Jimmy Star Entertainment. 

From Jimmy Star himself, here are his words on the launch of his new site...."I think that WE THE PEOPLE is an inclusive term meaning to work interdependently with realistic ideas that benefit all involved. 

That is the basic working mission statement of Jimmy Star Entertainment. We are a full service publicity, promotion, management and consulting firm for celebrity clientele and the entertainment industry at large. All staff and clients will be working closely together for a common goal, as we have extensive experience in artist development, branding, press/media placement, publicity, promotions, marketing, social media, public speaking, celebrity management, promotional bookings, image development and make-overs. 

As ‘competitive’ as the entertainment industry is, Jimmy Star Entertainment is established to revitalize the industry like no other company in the world, as we work collaboratively and interdependently. With an extremely comprehensive world-wide internet presence, as well as being the host one of the most popular celebrity endorsed entertainment talk radio shows in the world, and over 25 years of industry experience, I have launched Jimmy Star Entertainment to assist you set realistic goals and work with you to reach those goals."

For the latest updates on Jimmy Star Entertainment,
like the Fanpage
follow on Twitter

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fright Asylum Picked Up By The American Horrors Television Channel

Fright Asylum, the Number One Horror Movie Video Review Show on the net has been picked up by the American Horrors Channel. Hosted by Woody Meckes and Jimmy Star, Fright Asylum brings horror fans cool ass reviews on horror movies past, present and future, from small independent films to huge, big-budget blockbusters. 

American Horrors CEO Hart Fisher, aka “The Scariest Man in America” has entered into a worldwide licensing agreement with FilmOn to launch American Horrors as a new, uncut, uncensored, 24 hour horror television channel as part of FilmOn’s basic tier of channels.  Fright Asylum is one of the first weekly series to be picked up by the new 24 hour channel, and Fright Asylum’s Jimmy Star, Woody Meckes and Katt McNish are ecstatic to be such an integral part of the new channel as well as contributing to ground breaking horror history. 

American Horrors joins such established names as Universal Sports, BBC News and many more as part of FilmOn’s basic line up of channels that are available to subscribers for a $7.95 monthly fee, which will allow viewers to stream live tv on their Mac or PC computers, Ipads/tablets, smart phones and mobile devices (Iphone, Android, Blackberry, etc). American Horrors will be providing controversial and uncensored materials that everyone else is afraid to touch, and it is going to be fucking awesome. It’s time for the world to join the American Horrors Television Revolution.

For more information on Fright Asylum visit,

For more information on American Horrors visit,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check out my Exclusive Interview on GeekTyrant

What an awesome time I had doing the interview for Brian of GeekTyrant. He is such a great guy. You must check out GeekTyrant website for all your movie news and reviews. Thanks Brian for the opportunity to be was a real pleasure.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My latest radio interview on "Monsters From The Basement", hosted by James Downing

Check out my latest radio interview hosted by James Downing of Monsters From The Basement. This was done at Days of the Dead Convention held in Indiana this past July. Click on the link below to listen in to the interview....

                                   Monsters From The Basement
        A site dedicated to horror movie past and present, horror conventions and horror host!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Check out Domain of Horror!!!!

Go check out my friends over at Domain of Horror. Tell them you heard about it on CYNDILAND!!!!

   Definitely go check them out at their website Domain of Horror
   Check out their Official Facebook Page for Domain of Horror

  Also check out all there other sites as well!!!!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twisted Twins Productions: Dead Hooker in CYNDILAND!!!!!

Go check out the awesome shout out that Jen & Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions gave to CYNDILAND!!!!

They are so kick-ass. We want to thank them and Twisted Twins for guys ROCK!!!! Big hugs to you!!!! 

Click below to go to Twisted Twins site to read about what Twisted Twins had to say about CYNDILAND!!!!

Twisted Twins website

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Check out the most talked about feature film of the year "Dead Hooker In A Trunk" by Twisted Twins Productions

Check out the most awesome talked about independent film of the year!!!!!! Kudo's go out to these 2 ladies Jen & Sylvia Soska for taking a chance in the independent world an making their film known...Way to go ladies!!!!

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is being released through special midnight theatrical screenings in a limited release across the USA and Canada by IFC Midnight. Cities and theater information will be released soon. For those who can't wait to see it in theaters can see it early through VOD on August 3rd, 2011.

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK is the debut feature film by Canadian Twin Filmmakers, Jen and Sylvia Soska, that has set the independent horror scene ablaze with excitement. The film and the filmmakers have captured the attention of Hostel director Eli RothFangoriaGorezoneTwitch FilmRue Morgue, and many other profound voices in horror.

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK has earned a substantial cult following and named onto several "Top Horror Film Of 2010" lists making it one of the most hyped and blogged about independent films of the year.

For more information, please check out the following sites or contact the Twisted Twins at their Official Site below.....
IFC Midnight
Twister Twins Productions
FortyFPS Productions

"You should check out DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. They made it low budget and it's fucking awesome. The violence is incredible and the stunts are fantastic." ~ Eli Roth, Director

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playzom Breast Cancer Awareness PinUp Collection 2011 by Dennis Willman

Check out the newest pictures of me in my Ginger-Stein folder. Just added 2 brand new pictures created & designed by the talented Dennis William of Iron Dead Studios, for his PLAYZOM BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PIN UP COLLECTION 2011.

Here we have the centerfold pinup for the collection, a character mash-up from GingerStein VS Bikini Monsters.

Below is a blown up version of me from the poster above.
Below is the graphite, digital painting and photo insert (water effects). Model: Cyndi Crotts. The monster portrayed by Cyndi Crotts in the film reminds me of a great white shark, very very shark-like and predatorial. Out of all the bikini monsters, she's the one that you know has no qualms about eating you alive. Cyndi pulled that wicked predator look off beautifully.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"A Brilliant Lie" & "Dollface" to play at House of Blues Aug 13th!!!!

House Of Blues - Orlando Ladies Rock! (Benefiting Rock Pink)

Mark your calendars guys and gals....House of Blues on Aug 13th at 7pm...See the girl fronted bands of Orlando Rock Concert. Come out and show your support for my friends from two of the bands that will be playing out there; 
A Brilliant Lie and Dollface. These 2 bands both ROCK!!!! 

Click on link for more information....House of Blues Orlando Ladies Rock 

Monday, August 1, 2011

"SoulSwitch" playing at The Social Friday Aug 5th

Go check out my good friends from the band SoulSwitch. They will be playing at The Social in Orlando on Aug 5th along with 3 other great bands!!!!

Check out all the information below on how to get your tickets to this event!!!!

THE SOCIAL website