Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Rants-n-Raves Day!! Check out "Zombie With A Shotgun"

This is not your run of the mill Zombie film this is on a whole new level. As they said, this project will have what Zombie and Horror fans have been waiting for!!! This is a zombie film where all the rules we know about zombie films go right out the window!

This film shows the zombie as the hero and other zombies helping as well. Where this is a war against humans! You've got to love it when there is a twist where the other side is the hero.

These guys have brought this to a whole new level with a web series, a comic book series and soon they will launch their feature film for Zombie With a Shotgun!! You must go check this out and LIKE their social media pages and show these zombies some love!!!

Here are the links below to go check out!! 
Official Twitter page for  Zombie With A Shotgun
Director/Creator  Hilton Ariel Ruiz
Official Webpage  "ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN"


ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN is the feature adaption of the popular web series of the same name. Aaron and Rachael are on the run due to the fact that Aaron is infected by what seems to be a zombie virus. as the story unfolds, they find that there is more to this infection that it seems. For some reason, he has not developed the full zombie virus. He seems to be trapped in a transitional phase which grants him certain abilities. One of them is the ability to communicate with other zombies. This makes Aaron a valuable pawn as he's being pursued by shadowy figures with ulterior motives. Now he must stay alive (or undead) long enough to figure out the source of his infection!!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Here I am today at the International Christian Film Festival

What a great time I had today at the 2018 International Christian Film Festival. This was my first year and what an awesome experience it was. I got to meet with so many people in the film industry. Here are a few pics from todays fun and exciting event at the #ICFF. 

with my girl Mina Ownlee

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

World premiere for the Official Trailer "BEYOND SCOPE" the web series!

Here it is!! The world premiere for the Official Trailer of "BEYOND SCOPE"! We hope you all enjoy this and please spread the word and tell your friends all about it!! Thanks so much to all those involved and spreading the word about this awesome web series!!! Clink link below to become a fan and LIKE our FB fanpage for BEYOND SCOPE the web series!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

BEYOND SCOPE the web series official selection at this years Miami Web Fest 2018!!

How awesome is this, the web series for BEYOND SCOPE has been named an Official Selection at this years Miami Web Fest 2018!! How freaking awesome is that!! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Private screening for BEYOND SCOPE the web series!

What a great time I had tonight getting to see everyone for the private screening of the web series for BEYOND SCOPE! I'm excited for the series!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fun pics from todays set for "BEYOND SCOPE" the web series!

Today was such a great time. Lots of intense scenes and so much fun to be remembered. Hope you al enjoy some of todays fun pics from the set of BEYOND SCOPE the web series!!