Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three talented individuals get their spotlight in the Jan issue of Fashion Frenzy Magazine

Fashion Frenzy Magazine is a fashion, beauty & creative arts magazine that features local an global artist of all types. 

CYNDILAND got it's first exposure in the magazine back in their November 2011 issue.

Fashion Frenzy Magazine had a few articles this month that we here at CYNDILAND wanted to share in the spotlight with you all. 

On page 40 you can read up on Chris Greene of Detour Entertainment. By the way I had the pleasure of working with Chris Greene on his short film "B.F.F" here in Florida and he was a joy to work with. Go check out his article about his company and what all he's keeping busy with.

On pages 46-47 Find out about the lovely & talented Anna East. She is an actress, model, dancer & singer. She is a real sweetheart and joy to work with on set as well. I met her and worked with her on the film B.F.F in Florida. Now Anna is in California and she is making her mark there as well. Go read up on her article to find out more about her.

On pages 48-49 you can catch the article on Bjorn Jiskoot Jr. He is an actor, writer, producer & director in the Central Florida area. What a great guy he is to know and work with. We've had the pleasure of working on a few films so far and looking forward to working with him again on future projects. Read up on Bjorn's article in Fashion Frenzy Magazine.

We want to congratulate you all here at CYNDILAND and we wish each and every one of you much success in the 2012 season. Go get'em guys and gals!!!!

To read the full articles on the people mentioned above 
click on the link below for FASHION FRENZY's website. 

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