Monday, June 24, 2013

Cyndi Crotts as guest at Ancient City Con 2013 in Jacksonville, FL

Yes that's right fans, I was a first time guest at this years Ancient City Con held in beautiful down town Jacksonville, FL. Was really great to get to meet so many people and have a great time.  I was even chosen to be one of their guest judges for their costume contest that was held on Saturday. What an experience that was and lots of fun as well. Below are pictures from my trip. ENJOY!!!!

Me in my JC Sex Jeans promoting them as I was there at the convention.

My table with all my goodies :-)

With voice over actress & guest Lauren Landa & with zombie actor & guest Michael Koske who's best known for being a zombie in "The Waling Dead" tv series.

Yep that's me in the Ancient City Con Weekend Book of events.

Yes I was one of the Horror Guest :-)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

"American Mary" Available across North America June 18th!!!

That's correct guys and gals....another smash hit by Jen & Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions comes "American Mary". It will be available across North America June 18th, 2013.....including Future Shop and Walmart.  Click link below to pre-order your copy TODAY!!!

They did it again and they knocked it out of the park with this film. It was very well done and the best blend of humor and tension that I've seen in a while. These girls are on a roll and I love it. Keep bringing us more of your awesome films.


The story follows medical student, Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle), as she becomes increasingly broke and disenchanted with the surgical world she once admired. The allure of easy money sends Mary into the world of underground surgeries which ends up leaving more marks on her than her so called 'freakish' clientele.    Runtime: 1hr 43 min    Rated (R)

Click link here to pre-order your copy on Blu Ray or DVD 

I had the pleasure of watching the film at Fatality Fest in West Palm Beach, FL along with meeting the Soska Twins as well. What a fucking awesome and kick-ass experience that was. To be able to see a screening of "American Mary" and to meet the Soska Twins all at the same time!!!

I really freaking loved this film as well as their first one if not more. These girls know their shit and they are kicking ass and taking names in the indie world!!! These are 2 females that you should be on the look out for. They are for sure taking the indie scene by storm. I am just so thrilled for the both of them and their amazing style of films.

For me it was truly a pleasure and honor to meet them both for the very first time even though I've been facebook friends with them for a good little while now. But again to finally meet these two ladies in person was like a dream come true and they are just a freaking bundle of joy.  They are complete sweethearts and are very much passionate about their filmmaking. 

I'm so glad to call them my friends and fellow indie actress's as well. If you ever get the chance to meet these two ladies, let them know how fucking awesome they are!!! Way to knock it out of the park again girls, you two are amazing and I know your future is going to be so awesome for you both!!!

Me with Jen & Sylvia Soska at Fatality Fest June 8th 2013

Jen & Sylvia in a scene from the film American Mary

This was right as the screening started of American Mary

Click here to visit their Official website for Twisted Twins Productions

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Creepy Crawly" hits the convention circuit again and is screening in a town near you!!!

That's right.....this awesome little horror flick has seemed to have been in demand from the fans so it's starting to hit the convention circuit again. The film "Creepy Crawly"stars Cyndi Crotts and Scott Tepperman. It was directed by Jason Daly of Road 8 Entertainment & Robert Massetti of Fear Film Motion Picture Studios.

A family fights for survival when they encounter a creepy, bloodthirsty creature never seen before by human eyes.

Here are just a few of the places scheduled so far this year 2013, that will be screening the film
"Creepy Crawly".....

* "80's in the Park" in Melbourne, FL held September 28 & 29
Website for info on Melbourne event

* MidSouth Paranormal Convention in Louisville, KY held August 2-4.
Website for MidSouth Convention

* Rapture Horror Expo in Tempe, AZ held October 5 & 6.
Website for Rapture Horror Expo

Make sure to get out to these events and get your chance to see the film that everyone is talking about. It will for sure give you the CREEPS!!!!

I want to thank all the fans that have supported this film and have been requesting this film in their state. More screenings to come!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My adventures at "Fatality Fest" Horror Convention in West Palm Beach, FL

Yep...Fatality Fest is a brand new horror con that started this June 7th-9th in West Palm Beach, FL and what a great time I had. It was so awesome to meet the ladies of the fest and to also get to see some friends that I have worked with on set and some that I had been friends with thru FB but had never met in person yet. Most of all it was really nice to have another great horror convention to go to in Florida and have such a great experience as well. Check out pictures below from the convention.

The lovely and F'n awesome Jen & Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions. 
They are so freaking cool to hang out with. What a pleasure it was to finally meet these two ladies.

Yep I also finally got to see American Mary screen at Fatality Fest as well. 
Another awesome film by the Twisted Twins!!!!

With good friend and fellow actress Miss Camille Keaton. 
You all may know her from the original film "I Spit on You Grave".

The lovely and talented Debbie Rochon. After all this time of her & I being in films together we finally actually get to meet in a truly great person she is and glad to call her a friend.

With great friend and fellow actor J. LaRose. Always a pleasure seeing him and hanging out together. You all may know him best from the film Saw III.

Another great and awesome friend & fellow actor Andrew Bryniarski. You may know him from the films Any Given Sunday & Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) as he played leather face.

With good friend and director Jason Liquori

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Cyndi Crotts for your next film, convention, TV show, radio show etc....find out how here on CYNDILAND!!!!

Want Cyndi to come to your town to be at your convention or to be in your film? Let your promoter, event organizer, and director know! Cyndi Crotts is accepting 2013-2014 bookings for movie roles, tv roles, endorsements, conventions, charities, social media, interviews, books, magazines and other functions. 

To book Cyndi Crotts, send an e-mail to:

Serious Inquiries Only. 

Thank you for your support!

Below are a few pictures from convention appearances, books, interviews, 
film festival awards etc. that I have been a part of so far.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cyndi Crotts cast in new feature drama, thriller film "Breaking Point"

Brand new feature film I'm in for "Breaking Point". We just finished up shooting my scenes this past weekend and what a blast I had on set with everyone. Please if you would, head over to the fan page for this awesome film and click on the LIKE button on the fan page and help spread the word!!! I would appreciate all the support for this film I'm in.

Thank you to all my fans, XOXOXO

Click here to go to the Official fanpage for "Breaking Point"

Here are a few pictures of me on set during filming :-)

I play the character of Ballard's attorney in the film.

With good friend, Diana Lovell. 
She plays the character of Ballard and I play the character of Ballard's attorney.

With director & writer of the feature film James Hunter

With good friend and actress from the film Nicolette Noble

Getting interviewed on set