Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Check out the new poster I'm on "JAM POSTER" from Iron Dead Studio's & Dead of Night Entertainment

I wanted to show off this awesome poster that I am in. The art and mind of 2 of the coolest companies, Iron Dead Studio's & Dead of Night Entertainment. What a kick-ass design this is!!!!

IRON DEAD STUDIOS/ DEAD OF NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: JAM POSTER, featuring Ginger-Stein, Mistress Morbid, The Stalking, F.R.O.S.T.Y., The Snowbeast, The Lycanthrope, The Horseman, Trainman, Lathan Bronx, Officer Sully and the Juggernaut. This image, a joint effort between myself and fellow twisted mind Bobby Ray Akers, hints at the projects in development, projects to come and overall is a pretty sweet picture :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

John Ginder Interviews me for his Lost in the 80's blog site

Go over and check out my first interview of the year by John Ginder.
What an awesome guy he is....I meet him back in 2011 at the Days of the Dead Convention in Indiana. 

John decided to have me as his first person to interview for 2012 on his blog site. Click on the link below to go check it out!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Dead Hooker In A Trunk" gets worldwide release January 31st!!!!!

That's right...The all time favorite indie film of 2011 and still a indie favorite now going into 2012 is "Dead Hooker In A Trunk".... it's getting a worldwide release on January 31st!!!!

If you've not seen this film, then you're living under a rock!!! This indie film has been kicking ass and taking names ever since it first was seen on VOD. So if you missed out on the first round, then you better see this film and get your copy come January 31st or you may just become the next dead hooker in a trunk!!!!

We here at CYNDILAND are very proud of Jen & Sylvia Soska of Twisted Twins Productions. What an inspiration they have been to those of us in the indie world. They've come a long way in a short amount of time. They have really pushed the boundaries and have made a name for themselves. These 2 girls are making it happen and the indie world is really getting to know them. Way to go you two and we wish you both all the success in the world!!!!

Check out the podcast The Movie Dump and their short film "Fingerbang"

Also don't forget to check out their podcast called, The Movie Dump.....Weekly film reviews done by three bad movie aficionados, Scott, Ben, and Nic. It's a round table discussion of cinemas worst follies and screw ups approached in a humorous, light hearted way. 

Official website for The Movie Dump

Short film "Fingerbang" by FMI Productions. 
Written by Scott Rinkenberger and Directed by Ben Johnson. 
The film is about three guys living a video game in real life.

Check out the IndieGoGo page for the feature film "REFUGE"

We here at CYNDILAND are trying to help spread the word for these guys. They are working really hard to put together a great indie film and are needing funds to help make this happen. Check out their IndieGoGo page and watch their video below..... Every little bit helps :-)

Go be a fan of the facebook fan page for "REFUGE"

Below is a little info of what their film is about. Go check out their IndieGoGo page to learn more!!!

Release Date
Spring 2013
Tavoy Films International
Tavoy Films International, in association with Sigmond IV Multimedia, present REFUGE, an original feature-length motion picture.
Plot Outline
REFUGE tells the intertwining tales of an actress battling drug addiction, a police officer involved in a love triangle, a high school teacher who fights to keep a dream alive, and a young refugee from Burma with a haunting past.
Directed By
Teddy Gyi
Written By
Teddy Gyi

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New vampire feature film "Jezebeth" Written & Directed by Damien Dante

The long awaited release of the vampire horror film Jezebeth is now a reality… Jezebeth is more than a horror film, it is a musical experience unlike any movie ever made. A cult horror film loaded with visuals and sound that can be enjoyed over and over again. Jezebeth was Written, Directed and Produced by Damien Dante and is a Damien Dante / Jeffrey A Swanson Film. Distributed Worldwide by SGL Entertainment, Satania 6 Films, Dark Star Records and The Phoenix Group. Jezebeth, own it or rent it today!!!

The vampire feature film "Jezebeth" now available for sale or rent at Amazon-On-Demand.

Check out the Official site for JEZEBETH

BREAKING NEWS: The Trailer for the New Jezebeth TV Series, released through Satania 6 Films and SGL Entertainment is now online. Jezebeth was directed, produced and written by Damien Dante. Executive Producers Damien Dante and Jeffrey A Swanson. Cinematography by Jeffrey A Swanson. Edited by Todd Rodgers. Theme song by Grigori 3. Starring Heather Beeman as Jezebeth and introducing "Abigail." Co-starring Drake Mefestta as Jonah, Gwendolyn Graves as Cyanide, Madeline Maser as Lenora, Frank Warpeha as Carl Trulane, along with Gwen Bartolini, Ray R Wise, Ian Serrano, Regina Annette Pauly, Iris Sylph, Pinelope Love, Baby D Frost, Jeff Swan, Pearl Lasky, Lena Berkheimer and Benjamin Emmett.

International Film Distributor SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has acquired several full length motion pictures: Jezebeth, Night Crawlers, Scorned, The Magnificent Dead and more for their cutting edge on-demand digital film distribution starting in 2012 and beyond. SGL Entertainment business partners Jeffrey A Swanson and Damien Dante has strong partnerships with many new digital content providers and are able to make their titles available on many of the new on-demand services and platforms such as I-Tunes, Amazon, BigStar TV, X-Box, I-Reel, Sony Playstation, YouTube Rentals, Cinema Now and many more. SGL Entertainment is looking at the future of movies and film and will always remain on the cutting edge of technology. 

Check out the novels from Robert Cales a writer of paranormal thrillers

Robert Cales writes paranormal thrillers. He is also the Creative Director at ScaryBob Productions, an eBook publisher and yes, he is ScaryBob. ScaryBob Productions launched on October 1, 2011 with his first 2 novels "Devil Glass" and "The Bookseller". 

Below you will find a glimpse of each story. These are both available for download from Amazon and iTunes. Head over to his website to check  them both out at Scary Bob Productions.

We hope you enjoy....let Robert know that 
you heard about his books through CYNDILAND!!!!


A rift between two worlds that has been sealed for thousands of years is about to be discovered. One world filled with the best and worst of humanity is in danger of being exposed to a dark world of winged predators from the dawn of man. The abominations with fearsome jaws and steel trap like talons are waiting for feeding time to begin.
Joyce Robbins has it all or so it seems. Her beauty is unmarred by her forty-eight years and her education in archaeology is the foundation for a rewarding career with a well respected museum in the Midwest, but problems go unseen. Locked away in a dark corner of her mind are the memories of three best friends and the pain she has refused to acknowledge for thirty years. Something has stirred those memories. As an archaeologist Joyce is about to encounter an ancient artifact containing the only example of Antitheus Vitrum the world has ever seen.
Antitheus Vitrum, an aberrant crystalline structure predicted to exist by an archaic Numerology based science, has just been discovered. The enormous crystal framed in petrified logs carved into totems is an enigma within an enigma. Archaeologists study the artifact with their science, tools, and intellect, but they fail to understand the warnings carved into the frame and they cannot comprehend the dark secret poised to relegate humanity to a prey species.


George Saunders, a rare book collector and dealer owns and operates The Bookseller, a bookstore in Boston near Boston Common. His wife, the former Elizabeth Stratton came from a different background, growing up around a family run fishing cannery. The property that became The Bookseller and their home was a wedding present from Elizabeth’s father thirty years before the story begins.

John Stoner, lead man for the largest construction company in the country, current assignment Freetown, Massachusetts where land is to be cleared for a mall. The first job is to engage as many Freetown residents as he can to clear a section of woods and raze an old house within the woods. The residents of Freetown have a special designation for the house targeted for destruction. The structure is referred to as The House and has been the focus of local legend for two hundred years. Within Freetown John discovers friendship and love. Within the ruins of The House an ancient book of unknown origin is discovered.
Frank Richter operates a funeral home inherited from his grandfather. The gift of a rare book from a deceased client reconnects him with two old friends that he has not seen in five years. He spends a week with George and Elizabeth on their sailboat and receives a wake-up call concerning too much work and no play. He returns home haunted by the memories of the week on Andromeda and comes to the realization that things need to change in his life. 
Carlos Ramirez is the ruthless leader of a South American drug cartel, violent beyond the pale and yet he is but the tip of the iceberg.  He hides a dark secret that has plagued humanity from the beginning, a secret that runs red with blood. Carlos is the latest incarnation of an evil nonhuman spirit that the world has known by other names: Cain, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Vlad the Impaler, Blackbeard the Pirate, Jack the Ripper and Adolf Hitler, to name a few. The nonhuman spirit skips from life to life through time while maintaining memories of everything.
His best men have just perfected a method of infusing liquid cocaine into the pages of books and withdrawing it at the destination point. He has located a bookstore in the perfect location for acquisition to complete the first step of his plan.
He picked the wrong bookstore.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Check out the hot new gear & clothing line by Social Menace

Social Menace Clothing, it's more than gear.. it's a way of life!

We represent the underground scene from FL to the NY

Their Mission: To unite & support those 
artist who fight everyday to do what they love best!

Their products range from Clothing Apparel, CDs and DVDs and much more.

Social Menace represents the underground because that's how we live!
We are the underground. We keep it 100% REAL. No half-steppin, no faking. 100% REAL! We make our gear for our family of actors, artists, deejays, fighters, musicians, rappers and those who choose to live their life differently than most. We make the gear WE wear in the streets. We live life like a menace and proudly rep our family in the game. We are SOCIAL MENACE!!!

Official website for SOCIAL MENACE

Here are just a few pieces below from their collection....

New indie film "Island of the Cannibal Death Gods" by Writer/Director Jeff Freeman

To learn more about this film and the people involved, check out their official website.

Check out the trailer for the film below

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Official poster for my character in the comic book series "Ginger-Stein: Rise Of The Undead"

Check it out...The brand new poster of my character "Officer Sully" in the comic book series "GINGER-STEIN: Rise Of The Undead" 
Created & Designed by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studios

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Teaser trailer for the feature film "Snatched" Written & Directed by Kelly Weaver

What a great time I had working with everyone in the making of the trailer for this film. Below you will be able to see the trailer along with a few pictures from the set. Hope you all ENJOY!!!!

Check out the teaser trailer for the up-coming Sci-fi/Drama feature film "Snatched" 
Written and Directed by Kelly D. Weaver & Produced by Terminal 52 Films 

New Years Eve....The Montgomery's and the Daniels are celebrating with some friends. Charlie Ross is filming the event. His sister Ada gets a call from her daughter Kyra that changes their lives forever. Who was the Man in Black and most importantly.....Where is Melanie Montgomery!!!!

Teaser Trailer for "Snatched"

Pictures from the set of the teaser trailer 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get your copy of the horror film I'm in "Eye Can Hear You" on Amazon!!!!


A short horror film by Douglas Vaters of Vater Entertainment Films.

Sara Banks has done an unspeakable thing, by leaving her baby abandoned in the woods left for dead, whats her reasoning for this? Watch while the story unfolds, make sure you don't get lost, you might run into April, will they find her or will she find them....then the real nightmare begins. Only thing to do is survive!!!!

Regular Viewing

Want to watch the 3D version of the trailer...
Click here for "EYE CAN HEAR YOU 3D" 
(can be viewed with the old school red & blue glasses if you have them)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New comedy web show coming in February "The Madlo Show" created by kids for kids

Here is a great new web show called "The Madlo Show"....and guess what...it's for kids and it's by kids. We here at CYNDILAND thought this was such a cool thing and we wanted to share it with you all. It's still very new as we found out but now is the time to get in on this show and to be a part of something awesome. Below you will get to read about this new show and we've also provided their website as well as their Facebook fan page. 

A COMEDY SHOW CREATED BY KIDS FOR KIDS. The Madlo Show is for entertainment purposes only. It is intended for the minds of mindless individuals.  Do not try to do any of the stunts you may see on our show in your own home as we are not responsible for any injuries that might occur... in that case you would be one of the mindless individuals that we are talking about..

The Maldo Show premiere trailer

Their first show will air on February 17th so 
mark your calendars and don't miss it!!!!

Kids get to write their own material. It is based on the ICARLY Show. Right now they are looking for video submissions from kids of their stupidest jokes so they can put them on their first show. They have different segments on the show like "Beat on the Street" where they interview unsuspecting people, "Trash Talk" where they talk "trash", "Good Gossip" where they gossip about the "stars of hollywood" and also many others. 

Check out the Official Website for The Madlo Show
Go be a fan of their facebook fan page The Madlo Show 
Their show will be on youtube channel called "mymadlo"
A Comedy show for Kids by Kids!!!!

Email: madlo.show@gmail.com


New web series "The Simplest Things" season 2 by Jason Liquori

Check out this sci/fi web series created, directed and written by Jason Liquori. We hope you enjoy!!!

Click here for the Official Website of "The Simplest Things"

Here is the premiere for season 2 

A little about the series:
Pratt is an Alien trapped on Earth. He must learn to survive using our technology, inventions and every day tools. The problem is, that even being from a vastly more advanced civilization, Pratt seems to have trouble with the simplest things here on Earth.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Check out the Internet premiere event for short film "Fragile House" January 21st

We hope you enjoy the Internet Premiere of "Fragile House" - a short film Directed by Dale Metz & Written by Jennifer East.

Anna East was awarded "Best Female Voice Over" and Grace Chapman was awarded "Best Adolescent Actor" for their performances in "Fragile House".

Watch this short film "Fragile House"
She wished that I would disappear. I wished I COULD disappear into my own perfect world.

Anna East, Grace Chapman, Maddie Bright, Mary Brotherton, Betty Gillander,Tiffany Dion, Ella Schnacky, Makaylee Rinaldo, Bayley Ellenburg, Raven Megna, Nickolas Wolf, Kristian Galloway, Giovanni Galloway, Adrice Galloway

Directed by: Dale Metz
Co-Director: Jennifer East
Screenplay by: Jennifer East
Produced by: Dale Metz & Jennifer East

Cast List:
Holly age 7 - Grace Chapman
Beth age 7 - Makaylee Rinaldo
Holly age 13 - Anna East
Beth age 13 - Maddie Bright
Holly age 15 - Anna East
Beth age 15 - Maddie Bright
Holly age 18 - Anna East
Lauren age 6 - Ella Schnacky
Lauren age 11 - Tiffany Dion
Laruen age 14 - Tiffany Dion
Debbie - mother- Betty Gillander
Louise - Mary Brotherton
Michelle -Bayley Ellenburg
Lisa - Raven Megna
Ryan - Nickolas Wolf
Kristian Galloway
Giovanni Galloway
Adrice Galloway

Check out the Dark Art & Illustrations by artist Shane Ryan

Shane Ryan is self taught and has been drawing horror art for over 30 years. We here at CYNDILAND wanted to show our support by helping to spread the word about Shane. Below you can read about Shane and his art. We've also provided a few pieces of his original art work as well along with a link to his official website and fanpage. We hope you all enjoy!!!!

About Shane Ryan and his art

His inspirations are.... 

* Music of all sorts as long as it's dark and moody. 
* True Crime (he likes to try and stay away from being inspired/influenced by other artist's and says he wants his art to be HIS art).

His art has been featured online by many sites such as.... 

*Horror News 
*Fatally Yours 
*Domain of Horror and many more.

His award......

*Winner of The Guild Of The Golden Owl (open fantasy comp judges award)



*Damned II (u.s) group show with featured artists H.R Giger and Marilyn Manson.
*Midnight Oils (u.s) group show
*Nightmare Ball, (aus) solo show as part of Australian Horror Writers Association.

His art has also been seen in these Publications.....
*Scream Horror Magazine 
*Midnight Echo


Here are some current projects that he's involved in..... 
* Feature film "Dark Are The Woods" as the Concept Artist ( an indie aussie slasher), 
*Fix The Chapel movement, both in donating art and pushing for extra media attention in Australia. 
*He is in talks with and hoping to be able to donate some of his art pieces to Scares That Care.

His Goals.....
He would like to contribute to many horror projects as possible, whether it's film, comics, album covers and to one day become a horror art icon, known for many of the best and baddest characters in the industry.


New feature film "The Fallen One" Directed by Rick J Vasquez

Check out the feature film "The Fallen One" directed by Rick J Vasquez & Written by Michael S. Rodriguez.

Keep up with the film and check out the trailers by becoming a fan of their Facebook fan page for The Fallen One

Release Date
Deep Murder Productions L.L.C/MSR STUDIOS Inc.
Arizona Grind House with a Sleaze of salt and lime.
Plot Outline
A man is pushed to his limits as he seeks revenge on his fellow partners who have deceived and left him with nothing. He then turns the cards and tables on anyone and everything that gets in his way. He will, kill,kill,and kill again,just to get his answers. He is THE FALLEN ONE!!!!! YOU WILL REMEMBER HIM OR DIE!!!
Michael S. Rodriguez,DeeDee Bigalow
Directed By
Rick J Vasquez
Written By
Michael S. Rodriguez
Screenplay By
Michael S. Rodriguez
Produced By
Michael S. Rodriguez/Rick J Vasquez

Also be sure to check out Rick J Vasquez's article on pages 56-57 in the new January issue of Fashion Frenzy Magazine