Sunday, August 25, 2019

Brand New Indie Feature Film "LITTLE MOUSE" needs your support for their IndieGoGo Campaign!! Plus Castings are still underway.

These guys and gals are truly doing their best to get the word out in order to get support for their independent feature horror film "LITTLE MOUSE"!! All they need is your help and support to make their dream come true. Every little bit helps so get out their and support these indie artist. Also if you would like to have a chance at being cast in their feature horror film, head over to their movie page below and submit your information in. Filming will begin in late fall of 2019. 

These guys and gals are definitely on a role and they are pushing right along. We wish everyone involved much success and looking forward to seeing their film!!!

Script hailed by the executive producer Paul Bales of the Netflix hit series "Black Summer"
Written by Matt Zilic & Directed by Delaney Hathaway

For more info on castings, check out Little Mouse Facebook Page

"How far would you go to save the life of a stranger, when you're her only hope?"