Friday, January 22, 2021

Brand new podcast by actress Grae Marino called "Make It P.O.P! Powerful on Purpose!" Is making big waves in the indie world!

Grae Marino is an actress, writer, director, and the Creator of Make It P.O.P! Powerful on Purpose! Which is a six month series for actors and film creatives of all levels to help empower, encourage, educate, elevate and play your way free of your comfort zone. Including giveaways to help you on your journey every 4th episode! Starting every Wednesday from January 20th. You can find it on YouTube, or listen to the podcast on, PocketCasts, or Spotify.


YouTube page for the show: Make It P.O.P! Powerful On Purpose

Check out Ms. Marino's Page: Grae Marino

Check out Caroline Liem classes and coaching: Caroline Liem

Below are a few episodes already done.....

Make It P.O.P! EP 1
with Veteran Casting Director, Producer, Caroline Liem and Modeling Agent Dayna Houston
Joins us as we discuss Film and Modeling Industry Information and The Ah-Ha Moment of Finding Your Purpose

Make It P.O.P! EP 2
with Multi-Hyphenate Veteran Actor, Writer, Producer Carl Gilliard
Creator of Two-Degrees the Series on YouTube
Join us as we discuss his series, acting, navigating the Industry and your career as a person of Faith. Two Degrees-