Saturday, July 21, 2012

New web series "CREW" Written and Directed by Anthony Napolitano

ABOUT The Series:

"CREW" is a web series about three young men who are errand boys for Nicky Greco boss of a ruthless NYC crime family. Eager too make it big, they decide errands aren’t enough and try to start their own crew, using the resources of the family the whole time trying to keep it a secret from Nicky and rival gangs. They quickly realize the big city is smaller then it seems.

Check out their Official Website to watch
 the latest episodes of "CREW"!!!

Gamble Productions Corp. present “CREW”. 
A web series by Anthony Napolitano

Check out the Official site for this new web series "CREW"
Also check out their Official facebook fan page for "CREW"

Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday Rants & Raves Day..Check out actor Fran Rafferty

Fran Rafferty is a hard working up and coming independent actor that is really doing his part to become the best that he can be. Only being in the entertainment business for a short while and he's already hitting the ground running. As we found out today he was chosen to be spotlighted in the "Santi's Spotlight Artist of the week". So we here at CYNDILAND is also helping to support another well deserved independent actor and spreading the word!!!

Go over and LIKE his IMDB page and help show your support for this 
independent actor on the rise!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cast your VOTES for Jessica Cheek to win Best Child Actress

Check it out actress Jessica Cheek has been nominated for Best Child Actress. She is needing your votes to help her Win the Best Child Actress award in the Cobra Internet Film Festival! So if you could, please take 5 min and go and VOTE for our lovely young actress :-) Hurry and cast your votes. Winner to be announced July 20th!!!

Awesome news Jessica, we here at CYNDILAND wish you the best of luck!!!

Here's how to vote.....
1st Click this link:
then follow these steps.....
2) Click VOTE in the top left hand corner of your screen
3) Click Ciff Voting Poll
4) Click "Vote for Best Kid Actor in a short film or trailer"
5) Then click on Jessica Cheek's name....That's it you voted!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

New film "DARK COMEDY" by director Chris Woods official debut on Friday July 13th!!!

DARK COMEDY is the latest horror short film from director Chris Woods.  The film is about a late night talk show host, Jack Carlson (played by Joel D. Wynkoop) who is getting replaced by a younger comedian.  Carlson doesn't accept the fact that his time is over and takes to the bottle for comfort.  He is then visited by a representative to a brand new network called TV HELLO.  The representative, Louis Blackmoore (played by Rod Grant) offers him a deal to host a new late night talk show.  This seems like a good deal, but this might be more than what Jack Carlson bargained for. 

The film stars: 
Joel D. Wynkoop, Rod Grant, Robert Elfstrom and featuring Bob Glazier, Anthony Wayne and Cyndi Crotts.  

Directed by Chris Woods 
Produced by Chris Woods and John Miller
Written by Chris Woods with Simon Lynx

DARK COMEDY will debut on July, Friday the 13th on YouTube on The Sleaze Box Channel ( and will also be posted on

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's the weekend Free-For-All..Check out Independent artist Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth has been working as both an actor and producer for 10 years and has starred in over 30 films, several of which he produced and helped to direct.  Andrew’s passion for work and the art has continually challenged him to adapt and remain flexible in an ever changing industry.  Rather then waiting for opportunities, Andrew has taken the initiative to create his own opportunities through his knowledge and understanding of both the craft of acting but the business of film and television. 

Andrew draws upon his formal training, extensive life experience, and his essence to become each character he plays.  He identifies the most with characters struggling with internal conflicts; for without struggle there can be no friction.

Andrew’s inner strength combined with the strong support of his family is the primary reason that he continues to work in the industry to this day.

**Click here to go to Andrew's Official website 
**Click here to become a fan of Andrew Roth's Official FB fan page


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pictures from "Hells Little Angels" teaser/promo trailer shoot

What a great time we had working with everyone on our very first promo/teaser shoot for our trailer for the feature grind house film "Hells Little Angels". What an awesome bunch to work with. Go be a fan of HLA facebook fan page and hit the LIKE button when you visit.  This way you can keep up with all the latest news and updates on the spread the word and support indie film makers!!!!

Here are a few pictures from our shoot that we did the last weekend in June 2012.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The independent feature film "Dead By Friday" will be playing at the Enzian Theater Mon. July 2nd

The World Premiere of the feature film "Dead by Friday" will be shown on, Mon. July 2nd at 3:00pm at the Enzian Theater in Maitland, FL. Come out and show your support for indie films!!!! 
Address to Enzian: 1300 South Orlando Avenue  Maitland, FL 32751
About the film: Four lifelong friends, growing up in Brooklyn, NY, try everything they can do to get in with the mob. When they finally get their chance, one small misstep turns their live upside down and forces them into an impossible decision. A story of family, loyalty and betrayal.

The film was written and directed by Ric Lamonte 
Starring: Tim Intravia, David Mackey, Justin Smith, Dan Baccelliere
Cast include, Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galatica), Johnny Martino (The Godfather), Justin Smith (The Vampire Diaries), John Kyle (The Tenant), Randy Robinson (Lonely Hearts), Russell Mercier (Recount) and many more.

Check out their complete cast and crew on their official Website and on IMBD page as well. The film was shot entirely in Florida.
Dead By Friday Official Facebook fan page
Official Website for Dead By Friday
Dead By Friday IMDB Page

Caisson Films is having a brand new CONTEST!!!!


DATES: JULY 5th thru JULY 31st

Come one come all.....Get your friends to go over and like Caisson Films Official Facebook Fan Page. For every 20 people that "LIKE" their page (because of you), you will get your name put into a drawing. At the end of the month Caisson Films will randomly draw a name. 
FYI- in order for you to win, your friends MUST mention your name in a post 
on Caisson Films Fan Page.

WHAT YOU GET: The winner will receive; A copy of the independent feature film "Ft. Slaughterdale" once released, a T-shirt of your choice from one of two films. Autographed pictures - one from Amber Sym and one from Tatiana Liary

The WINNER will be announced on August 5!!!!
Don't worry if you're not the Big Winner, there will be other consolation prizes just for participating.
Good luck to everyone and lets see how many fans we can get.