Sunday, November 17, 2013

"AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST" WINS Award at this years Reel Terror Film Fest 2013

Yeah!!!! The feature horror cult classic film I'm in for "AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST" Wins award for Best Balls-Out Filmmaking

Saturday, November 16, 2013

At this years Reel Terror Film Fest 2013

What a great time I had at this years Reel Terror Film Fest held in beautiful Tampa, FL at the Villagio Cinemas. Below are pictures from the event.

Inside the theater getting ready to watch some films :-)
Now this is how you relax at Reel Terror Film Fest

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"CREEPY CRAWLY" getting ready for DVD release and just in time for the holidays!!!

That's right guys and gals....The long awaited and most anticipated film of the year is getting ready for its DVD release!!! The DVD will also have some really cool bonus features as well. I'm just so honored to have been cast in such an awesome film that has become one of the most popular and in demand films of the year!!! This is for sure a film you will want to add to your Christmas list this year!! Stay tuned in to #CYNDILAND to keep up to date on when the DVD will be out!!!

Official selection at these festivals

WINNER at the Melbourne Independent film festival 2013 

for Best Horror Short

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cyndi Crotts in the feature film "Sex with the Devil: Feeding the Monkey"

Yes that is correct I will be making a cameo appearance in the feature film called "Sex with the Devil: Feeding the Monkey". I was on set today and what a great time I had with everyone. They were all so great to work with and I just had a freaking blast. Check out some of the pictures below from me on set with some of the cast. Definitely keep your eyes and ears open for this film. It's insanely off the chain but so freaking great.

Here is a little about the film:

The demons of one’s own mind torment more severely than those spawned in hell. Every day that Franklin awakens he is confronted by a punishing existence. The seeds of guilt thrive in his soul for transgressions both past and present. These “sins” committed not only mutilate his sanity from within but also manifest physically to harvest the cosmic score that must be settled!

Directed by: Fernando Peters 
Written by: Fernando Peters, Picardo Limbo & Dick Arabia

This is a Psycho-terror suspense feature film.
To keep up with the film click link below to go be a fan of this awesome film.

Here are a few pictures of me on set with some of the cast members 

Friday, November 8, 2013

"FROSTY: Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse" is NOW available at AMAZON.COM!!!!

Check it out, finally the new book I'm in F.R.O.S.T.Y is now available at How awesome is that. Hurry and get your copy today of this amazing new book.

Now just in case any of you have any question on what kind of book this is, maybe this can answer your questions...So is this a book or a comic book? Well as the creator of the book, Bobby would say, It's a little bit of everything. He calls this project a multimedia hybrid. The book begins with a short opening in comic book format, then transitions into like a story book and ends in a comic book format. So there you have it folks :-)

FYI - Both books are exactly the same, the only difference is the front & back covers.

(Picture shown is of front and back cover of the book)

"FROSTY: Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse" is a holiday themed tale from Dead of Night Entertainment and Iron Dead Studios. The titular snowman regales the patrons of his favorite bar, MacGuffin’s, the story of a massive yuletide invasion of Earth by an industrious alliance of aliens. These invaders have passed judgment on the human race, and thus seek to exterminate the “offending” species from the planet and remodel the entire Earth into a trans-galactic resort. Held accountable for the shortcomings of her people, a lone human named Eve is brought aboard the flagship of the Neptunian Alien Queen to bear witness to the apocalypse. As she works desperately to challenge the perception of humanity to a council of the most powerful leaders in the solar system, a daring elf named Herbie is sent on a dangerous mission to save Eve, and in doing so, save the world. Parental Guidance Advised this contains stylized Sci-Fi Violence and Brief Language.

Author & Illustrator - Dennis Willman
Creator & Illustrator - Bobby Ray Akers Jr.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cyndi Crotts to be in new comic book series "TRAINMAN" Coming 2014!!

Yes this is the sneak peek at the brand new comic book series I'll be in called "TRAINMAN" which is Written and Illustrated b Dennis Willman....COMING SOON in 2014.

I'm so very excited and can not wait till this book is ready. In the mean time make your way over to Iron Dead Studios to see other great new books and projects that are already out and soon to come.

This is the release cover....copyright Iron Dead Studios 2103

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cyndi Crotts as guest on Horror Society's podcast The Calling Hours

That's right guys and gals, I will be a guest on The Calling Hours presented by Horror Society Radio. Click on link below to listen in LIVE!!! If you do miss the LIVE portion, no worries, you can click on the same link to listen in any time and catch the pre-recorded show. Hope you all ENJOY and thanks for listening in!!! My interview starts at 29.33 minutes into the show.

 Actress & Scream Queen

PinUp Model 

Comic Book Model

Sunday, November 3, 2013

On set of the short film NOVA ROAD

Here are a few behind the scene pictures of me on the set of NOVA ROAD. My character in the film is a police detective. What a really great time I had on set working and meeting everyone. I am really looking forward to when premiere night happens. 

A little about the film:
This rural country road is known for more teen deaths due to drag racing than any where else in the country. Local urban legends tell us its something else. What really happens on Nova Road? Based on a true story.

This film is written by Michelle Brown 

On set with Connor who plays my son and with Director Ashton Kristopher

No one beyond this door but Police officials

With Connor who plays my son