Wednesday, April 20, 2022

New indie film "The Cheerleader Sleepover Slaughter" IndieGoGo page

 Here is what they need from all you guys and gals out there:

We are raising finishing funds to bring you a slasher film that can be all it can be. The film is pretty much finished but we have VFX, some music and we need to create Bluray's and DVD's so everyone can enjoy our movie. All of this cost money. With your donation you get to choose from some awesome screen used props, autographed scripts, copies of the movie and the coolest perk, the actual signed cheerleader uniforms the girls wore in the movie! Plus you can be a producer on the film and your name will appear in the opening and ending credits of the movie and on imdb.

Click here to check out the IndieGoGo page!!!! The Cheerleader Sleepover Slaughter | Indiegogo

Friday, January 22, 2021

Brand new podcast by actress Grae Marino called "Make It P.O.P! Powerful on Purpose!" Is making big waves in the indie world!

Grae Marino is an actress, writer, director, and the Creator of Make It P.O.P! Powerful on Purpose! Which is a six month series for actors and film creatives of all levels to help empower, encourage, educate, elevate and play your way free of your comfort zone. Including giveaways to help you on your journey every 4th episode! Starting every Wednesday from January 20th. You can find it on YouTube, or listen to the podcast on, PocketCasts, or Spotify.


YouTube page for the show: Make It P.O.P! Powerful On Purpose

Check out Ms. Marino's Page: Grae Marino

Check out Caroline Liem classes and coaching: Caroline Liem

Below are a few episodes already done.....

Make It P.O.P! EP 1
with Veteran Casting Director, Producer, Caroline Liem and Modeling Agent Dayna Houston
Joins us as we discuss Film and Modeling Industry Information and The Ah-Ha Moment of Finding Your Purpose

Make It P.O.P! EP 2
with Multi-Hyphenate Veteran Actor, Writer, Producer Carl Gilliard
Creator of Two-Degrees the Series on YouTube
Join us as we discuss his series, acting, navigating the Industry and your career as a person of Faith. Two Degrees-

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Indie Film "Zombie With A Shotgun" to release their film on DVD this Thanksgiving 2019!!


They are back and have more to offer!!! The folks from "ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN" are now getting ready to release their film on DVD this Thanksgiving!!! But they do need your help to get this going and out there. If you love indie films then help them out with their DVD release!!!

They have lots of perks from signed posters to signed DVD's!!! Hurry and get yours today and show your love for independent films!!! Lets make this Thanksgiving something to be thankful for by giving back to the indie world!!!

To help out and learn more on their film, check out the link below.....

The comic book

Check out the trailer for "ZOMBIE WITH A SHOTGUN"

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Check out the GoFundMe page for the brand new indie feature film " PREACHER 6"


There's a brand new indie feature film in the works called "PREACHER 6" and these guys have an amazing trailer to show off. It's very cool and such great movie magic that it blew my mind. These guys and gals have really got a great start to this film and they need your help to get there. They do have a ways to go but with your help they can really get this film in progress and get things going. 

! ! ! Help Support Indie Films ! ! !

This is a horror, action, grind house film that's sure to blow your mind. Follow Father Josh as he battles his way through demons and the underworld. Offering salvation one bullet at a time. Preacher Six is a small town preacher that is summoned to the big city where he ends up fighting evil in a literal sense! The characters that he meets along the journey are something special and unique!

Official Trailer for "PREACHER 6"

Click here to go to their official homepage for PREACHER 6 

This film has an awesome cast and it's looking pretty freaking good.
Here is a list below of some of the cast in this film to name a few.......

Kyle Hester 
(The Chair & Zombie With a Shotgun)

Carmen Argenziano

(The Godfather II & Identity)

Zach Galligan

(Gremlins & Waxwork)

Naomi Grossman

(American Horror Story & Fear Inc)

Jeremy Fultz

(Zombie With A Shotgun)

Plus many many more. Check out their GoFundMe page
to learn more about their film and those involved!!
Click here for  - PREACHER 6 GoFundMe page

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign for the indie feature film "MY GIRLFRIEND THE SERIAL KILLER"


The newest indie feature film "MY GIRLFRIEND THE SERIAL KILLER" has some serious backing going on. They have a killer cast lined up for this bloody horror fest of a film and they need your help to make this bloody film happen. Its a modern day look at a female slasher which should make for a pretty damn killer film!!! So what are you waiting for...head over to their IndieGogo Page and help these guys and gals out to reach their goal. Support Your Indie Filmmakers!!!

This is an original horror film from Executive Producers Samantha Marie (Supernatural Assassins & Teacher Shortage) and my good friend Jonathan Moody (Scary Story Slumber Party & The Invited). Co-producers of the film are Abel Berry (Blood Sombrero & Midnight Devils) and Paul Presenza (Follow Me & Supernatural Assassins). Director of Photography and Editor is Derek Huey (Ms Claus & Teacher Shortage).

Here are some of the cast already on board.....

Felissa Rose 
(Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley, Return to Sleepaway Camp)

Nick Gomez 
(The Walking Dead, Looper & Jumanji)

Tom Proctor 
(Halloween 6 & Guardians of the Galaxy)

Kaylee Williams
 (Model Hunger, Mrs Claus & Teacher Shortage)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Brand New Indie Feature Film "LITTLE MOUSE" needs your support for their IndieGoGo Campaign!! Plus Castings are still underway.

These guys and gals are truly doing their best to get the word out in order to get support for their independent feature horror film "LITTLE MOUSE"!! All they need is your help and support to make their dream come true. Every little bit helps so get out their and support these indie artist. Also if you would like to have a chance at being cast in their feature horror film, head over to their movie page below and submit your information in. Filming will begin in late fall of 2019. 

These guys and gals are definitely on a role and they are pushing right along. We wish everyone involved much success and looking forward to seeing their film!!!

Script hailed by the executive producer Paul Bales of the Netflix hit series "Black Summer"
Written by Matt Zilic & Directed by Delaney Hathaway

For more info on castings, check out Little Mouse Facebook Page

"How far would you go to save the life of a stranger, when you're her only hope?"

Sunday, January 13, 2019

"CHEROKEE CREEK" new indie film making a name for itself in the VOD world!!

It's the Weekend FREE FOR ALL at CYNDILAND!!!!

That's right....The new creature feature indie film "CHEROKEE CREEK" is really starting to pick up buzz in the VOD World. It first premiered in Dallas TX at the Angelika in August 2018. Since then this little Indie Film has been making it's way into your homes across the nation. It is written, edited and directed by Todd Jenkins and Co-produced by Billy Blair and Todd Jenkins. It also stars Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins and Justine Armstrong. This is Todd Jenkins directorial debut for a feature film and was also co-written by Billy Blair as well. 

         Billy Blair                                   Todd Jenkins                               Justin Armstrong

Now if you like old school special effects then you are going to appreciate this film. Plus watching Todd and Billy play off of each other was a complete laugh fest. I thought these two did an awesome job and Billy I have to say, dude I did not realize how funny you

Basically the plot to the film is a bachelor party in the woods that goes horribly wrong and gets crashed by you guessed it a huge creature in the woods. Of course there is blood, boobs and at times a bit raunchy but what horror indie film isn't. I have to give it up to these guys for all their time and hard work and effort they put into making this film. Also to all the other cast and crew that spent time on this film as well you all ROCKED it out. This is indie life and they love what they do!!


Below are links to where you can go purchase and watch CHEROKEE CREEK! 

Become and fan of CHEROKEE CREEK and LIKE their pages!!

Show your love and SUPPORT THE INDIE'S!!

So get out there and help support indie films and show some love for these guys!! Indie is where you will see different and extreme and always will have something off the wall for everyone to enjoy. 

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