Sunday, October 13, 2019

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign for the indie feature film "MY GIRLFRIEND THE SERIAL KILLER"


The newest indie feature film "MY GIRLFRIEND THE SERIAL KILLER" has some serious backing going on. They have a killer cast lined up for this bloody horror fest of a film and they need your help to make this bloody film happen. Its a modern day look at a female slasher which should make for a pretty damn killer film!!! So what are you waiting for...head over to their IndieGogo Page and help these guys and gals out to reach their goal. Support Your Indie Filmmakers!!!

This is an original horror film from Executive Producers Samantha Marie (Supernatural Assassins & Teacher Shortage) and my good friend Jonathan Moody (Scary Story Slumber Party & The Invited). Co-producers of the film are Abel Berry (Blood Sombrero & Midnight Devils) and Paul Presenza (Follow Me & Supernatural Assassins). Director of Photography and Editor is Derek Huey (Ms Claus & Teacher Shortage).

Here are some of the cast already on board.....

Felissa Rose 
(Sleepaway Camp, Victor Crowley, Return to Sleepaway Camp)

Nick Gomez 
(The Walking Dead, Looper & Jumanji)

Tom Proctor 
(Halloween 6 & Guardians of the Galaxy)

Kaylee Williams
 (Model Hunger, Mrs Claus & Teacher Shortage)