Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feature horror film I'm in for "ROUGH CUT" to premiere Aug 3rd in Tampa, FL

That's correct guys and gals...the new horror film by Director Chris Leto & Writer Jeremy Westrate is going to premiere in Tampa, FL on August 3rd at the Muvico Centro at Ybor 20. Tickets to the event are $10.00 in advance and $12.00 the day of showing at the door.

To get your advance tickets click on the link here for ROUGH CUT Advance Tickets

7:00pm : RED CARPET EVENT (Photo Ops)

7:30pm : "DESECRATED" Trailer

8:00pm : Showtime for Feature film "ROUGH CUT"

10:30pm : Meet & Mingle

Hope you all get out to see this awesome film!!!!

Teaser Trailer for ROUGH CUT

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The feature horror film that I'm in "Amerikan Holokaust" to premiere on Aug 2nd in Tampa, FL

That's right guys and gals...the long awaited film that has been talked about and has been making headlines is going to make its premiere in Tampa, FL on August 2nd.

This film was loosely inspired by the real life crimes of serial killer duke Leonard Lake and Charles Ng who documented their heinous acts on home video. The film was shot in found footage style and will feature some of the most disturbing and horrifying scenes on film.

Please save the don't want to miss seeing the most talked about film of this year!!!!

DATE: August 2nd
TIME: 10:00pm
Click here on "TAMPA PITCHER SHOW" to get address and directions to see the premiere.

The official trailer was posted up on youtube for a few months and had over 12,400 LIKES. Since that time as of July 14th, Youtube took down the official trailer and said it violated their rules. So now you can only view the official trailer from this link below. So sit back and watch the most talked about film trailer of all time for....AMERIKAN HOLOKAUST!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last film in the Bailey Case Trilogy set "The House of Bailey"

That's right, this is the last film of The Bailey Case Trilogy called "The House of Bailey". 
We start filming this month and I am excited. It's been a great journey working on these films with the cast and crew along the way but it's coming to an end. 

Please come be a fan of this Trilogy and click the link for The Bailey Case. Here you can keep up to date on all the films as well as this last one.

Here is the newest and last film of the Trilogy....The House Of Bailey

Looking forward to my scenes in the film coming up this Saturday July 20th. This film along with the trilogy set was directed and written and produced by Kelly D. Weaver of Terminal 52 Films. It's been a great time working on these films and there has been so many great talented people that I have gotten to work with as well.

Come be a fan and hit the LIKE button when you visit the page....The Bailey Case Timeline fan page.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brand new feature film I'm cast in called "THE SYNDICATE". A film by Kelly D. Weaver.

Check out the brand new feature film I've been cast in called  "THE SYNDICATE". 
This is a new drama action film by my good friend and colleague Kelly Weaver of Terminal 52 Films

Below is the promo trailer for the new action drama feature film. It has such a great cast already attached to it and I am proud to be a part of this cast as well. 

There is also an Indiegogo page for our film as well. These funds will go towards the production of this film. So please come make a donation TODAY and help be a part of an awesome indie film in the making!!!! 
To make a donation click on this link....The SYNDICATE Indiegogo Page

Lastly they are also holding a casting call as well in Winter Park FL on August 3rd. So if you are interested and would like to have a chance to audition for this film, then click on the link to find out all about the casting......THE SYNDICATE Casting Call