Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Rants and Raves day goes out to the feature film I'm in for "DAKOTA"

Can you believe that with in a few months the feature film I'm in has already gotten over 13,000 fans on their page so far. That is awesome news. Please head over to the page today for this awesome new film and be a part of our already growing fan base for this new drama feature film "DAKOTA".

About the Story:After causing a tragic accident, Kurt Lawson's life free falls into despair and guilt and he believes that nothing can turn his life around, until he finds Dakota, a Siberian husky who is much more than just any ordinary dog.

Click here for the Official fan page for DOKOTA

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Carolina Ghostbusters interview scream queen Cyndi Crotts at XCON in Myrtle Beach, SC

Here is the interview that the Carolina Ghostbusters did on me while I was at the convention in Myrtle Beach, SC for XCON. What a great bunch of guys. I had a blast with them on their show.

Click on link to listen to my interview on Sci-Fried Eggs Podcast Episode 4 Segment 2
Here is the official webpage you can listen to my interview for Segment 2

Their facebook fanpage for Carolina Ghostbusters
The official website for Carolina Ghosbusters 

Here are few pictures from the show as I was being interviewed

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Check me out at May-hem Horror Convention in Orlando, FL

I had such a blast seeing everyone at the convention and also getting to meet one of my favorite director, writers and also from the TV Show on Holliston, Mr. Adam Green . Here are pictures below of my time at May-hem!!!!

With good friend Lexi Kat

The gang from the film I'm in "Creepy Crawly", 
Robert Massetti, Jason Daly & Matt Reynolds

With my good friend & fellow actress Jeanie Ingle

With good friends Woody Meckes from the horror web show
 Fright Asylum and J.d Ellis who is the owner and one of the artist at Post Mortem FX

With good friend and fellow actor Joel Wynkoop

With good friend and fellow actor Mike Christopher

My signed poster from the cast of Holliston

My moment with Adam Green as he chats and signs my posters. 
What an all around awesome guy.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Check out the online films that you can catch actress Cyndi Crotts in for rent and/or purchase!!!!!

I've had a good bit of fans ask me where they can see some of the films I have been in...Well I went and searched and I found a few of them for you all.  Most are on Amazon so the links below are under each poster and it will take you to the Amazon page where you can rent or purchase the films. There are a few films that are online that you can watch for free as well and I have them posted on here also. Hope you all enjoy and thanks so much for being fans of the films I'm in and for being fans of CYNDILAND!!!!! Luv & Peace to you all :-)


Everybody orders pizza delivery. But when your pizza arrives, who is it that you're opening your door to? Is it a nice kid looking to make a few bucks...or is it Monty? Montgomery Goth (Matt Nelson) is a gentle loner with a traumatic past, trying to put the pieces of his life back together while working as a delivery boy for a local pizza place. He has no friends, no life, and no prospects for the future, until one day he meets the girl of his dreams, Bibi (Tara Cardinal), and life seems to finally change for the better. But a series of events will test Montgomery's sanity and awaken the demons inside of him, unleashing a murderous rampage that will keep everyone from ordering delivery for a very long, long time.


A runaway teen (Chris Jackson) suffering from extreme migraine headaches meets a demented neurosurgeon (Rod Grant) who prescribes the grisly "treatment" known as trepanning--the drilling of a hole into the head to expose the dura beneath the skull. What happens, though, when the nightmarish procedure unlocks frightening mutations forever altering his consciousness? Stephen Biro, Cyndi Crotts also star in this film. 90 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; audio commentary; behind-the-scenes featurettes; bonus short "Spaventare" (2009); theatrical trailers.


DEATH PLOTS is a new collection of 4 shorts from Hocus Focus Productions! Debbie Rochon is back as Mistress Misty and she has more offspring to introduce as well as one that has grown up since THE LUNAR PACK. 1-  "Death as a Salesman" follows Billy Woeman as he tries to make the toughest sell around.  2 - "Sitting Vigil" which is the story of a desperate woman who takes on old Grim Himself in order to save her niece. 3 - "Reaps"...Central Florida Patrol" takes a comedic look at the troubles Grim Reapers face trying to take in spirits who aren't ready to go. It's shot in a familar reality show style. 4 -"My Stalker Death"... Stripper Brandi is being followed by a man who she believes to be Death himself. Unable to take the stalking any longer she hires a private investigator to track down the unearthly culprit and find out what he wants. What the P.I. finds is that Death is in a race with the mob to find something only Brandi can lead them to. Can one Private Eye rescue a woman from the mob and avoid the Grim Reaper while solving a mystery?


When Bob and Dante decide to bring their wives along on a fishing trip it seems like a good opportunity for the old friends to reconnect. Bob, however, has been suffering from nightmares about his wife and Dante having an affair. As the group spends time together Bob's suspicions grow, but before he can do anything about it he witnesses a terrible crime and now the four find themselves running for their lives. Bob finds himself saddled with the duty of protecting the very people he suspects have betrayed him and danger seems to lurk around every turn with a killer who manages to stay one step ahead. 


In the finest tradition of the pioneering TV space opera of the 1950's we bring you the adventures of Captain Nick Cosmos, his alien daughter Zen-Ya and the crew of the starship Bedevere. This is not a farce but a serious adventure series. In this series of episodes the Bedevere is being haunted by two mysterious ghosts who leave clues of their identities. Cosmos and Zen-Ya relive their adventures on various planets which includes treks to ancient and modern Mars, a forbidden section of space which pirates control, a world of weird colors and, in an additional story of a planet where reptiles are the dominant species. The exciting stories entertain, educate and show clips from the space opera and cartoons of the 1950's. A treat for the entire family.



When three friends take it upon themselves to haze a schoolmate for being gay. They do not realize that they will have to face the wraith of her girlfriend.


Sara Banks has done an unspeakable thing, by leaving her baby abandoned in the woods left for dead, whats her reasoning for this? Watch while the story unfolds, make sure you don't get lost, you might run into April, will they find her or will she find them, then the real nightmare begins. Only thing to do is survive.


Sleazy lawyers and heartless insurance companies are only a few of those spoofed in this Airplane!-like send up of modern healthcare, as a high tech efficiency initiative is taken to hilarious lengths.


Produced by Oprah Winfrey, this lush, yet earthy telefilm was adapted from the 1937 novel by Zora Neale Hurston. Set in rural Florida, the story begins several years after emancipation. Janie (a soulful Halle Berry) is a dreamy-eyed teenager, who never knew her parents. She was raised by the bitter Nanny (Ruby Dee), an ex-slave, who marries her off to an older man the minute she gets the chance. Mr. Killicks works Janie like a dog, but leaves her alone otherwise (he's abusive in the book). Then Janie meets the courtly Joe (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), who whisks her away from the muck to the black township of Eatonville. The two proceed to transform the town from a patch of dirt into a real community. Along the way, Joe becomes mayor and Janie a mere helpmate. Except for her friend Phoeby (Nicki Micheaux), the townspeople confuse her sadness for conceit and she ends up lonelier than ever. Twenty years later, Joe dies and Janie takes up with the younger Tea Cake (Michael Ealy). Much like the other literary adaptations with which she's been associated (The Color Purple etc.), this Oprah production boasts an impressive line-up of African-American talent, including Terrence Howard as the covetous Amos. A mostly successful mix between suds and substance, Their Eyes Were Watching God which premiered on ABC, was directed by Darnell Martin, co-written by Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan Lori-Parks, and graced with a classy score by frequent Spike Lee collaborator Terence Blanchard.


You can rent these 3 short films that I am in by clicking on the player below. I'm in 3 of the 4 movies that are available to rent, Spare the Rod, Slip of the Tongue and Zombians.....all for just $4.99



This horror short film is a throwback to the 70's grind house films and it's about a killer targeting women on an escort service web site called Tasty Chicks. A detective is tracking the killer and trying to protect the women from the site before another girl ends up dead. As the killer is lurking around the city is appears that someone is not what they seem to be.

 Click below to watch the short film TASTE ME for FREE!!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New teaser trailer for the feature drama film I'm in "DAKOTA"

Here is the teaser trailer along with behind the scene pictures form the feature drama film 
that I am in called "DAKOTA". 

THE STORY.......After causing a tragic accident, Kurt Lawson’s life free falls into despair and guilt and he believes that nothing can turn it around, until he finds Dakota, a Siberian husky who is much more than just any ordinary dog.

Teaser trailer for the feature film "DAKOTA"

Behind the scenes pictures from set


Me with little Dakota

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New teaser trailer for the feature horror film I'm in for "Sins of the Father"

Here is another teaser trailer for the feature horror film I'm in for "Sins of the Father". This is the prequel to the hit feature film "The Bailey Case".

THE STORY.......Set in the 80's during the height of the mysterious killing spree, local detective Caleb Granger and his partner Detective Tim Raines are on the scene looking for clues into so many children being poisoned. Also many men have been stabbed in the chest and left for dead on the side of roads. During this time Bevelyn Granger, Caleb Granger's wife, is expecting their first child. With her friends Jenny Chambers and Dr. Michelle Morrison looking after Bevelyn, Caleb and Tim set out to find out who is killing all these men and children and put a stop to it. Who Caleb finds reasonable will change his life and the life of his unborn child forever.

The teaser trailer for the film

Pictures below are from behind the scenes