Sunday, February 5, 2012

Check out the kickstarter page for "Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies" a film by Cody Knotts

We here at CYNDILAND are trying to help spread the word for these guys. They are working really hard to put together a great indie film and are needing funds to help make this happen. Check out their KickStarter page and watch their video below..... Every little bit helps :-)

Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies is a horror thriller film by Cody Knotts. It is a labor of love and our effort to bring to the fans what they really want: Good Old American Violence.
This is an idea that fans instantly understand but big Hollywood executives don't.  We know because we are fans ourselves.  If you are tired of boring films trying to teach rather than entertain you, then this film is for you. 
We will bring you big powerful men and hot women slaughtering waves of zombies! WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT?
Go be a fan & LIKE their Official facebook fan page 
to keep up to date on their film. 

 If you'd like to help these guys get their film made, then click on their kickstarter page for Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies and read all about it.

Check out their Kickstarter video below

Director & Writter: Cody Knotts
Producers: Shane Douglas, Cody Knotts & Camera Chatham Bartolotta

Shane Douglas
 Terry Funk
 Taya Parker
Raven (Scott Levy)
 Larry Zybysko plus more.....

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