Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Rants & Raves Day!! Award winning horror film "BEWARE" Directed by Jason Daly

This feature horror film has been the buzz of 2011 and now you will get to see it all!!! So if you've not had the opportunity to see this film then now is your chance. BEWARE gets it's premiere showing this March on SHOWTIME. So mark your calendars and tune in for it's premiere showing on March 8th 2012. What an honor it must be to get such an awesome opportunity....Congrats to everyone involved in this film and we here at CYNDILAND wish you all much success!!!

A local legend has it that an unwanted boy was chained to a tree in the forest years ago and left to die by his murderous father, but survived and wanders the wilderness with his chains fused to his body, seeking bloodthirsty revenge. For five teenagers with car trouble on a trip to concert, the myth is about to become a terrifying reality in this gory horror thriller starring Adam Leadbetter, Lorena King and Victor Gonzalez.

Beware was released nationally on October 18th 2011 with Blockbuster, Netflix, On Demand and Beware was featured in festivals all over the country in 2011. Beware has been nominated for numerous awards and has won 6 best feature awards on our festival run...more importantly the response and feedback from horror fans has been awesome. This is a project that has been a labor of love and we hope to do more---by Jason Daly Director of "BEWARE"

Check out the trailer below
In this gritty gore-fest, five teenagers out for some thrills stumble into an urban-legend nightmare when they roam into the realm of Shane -- a boy twisted by torture into a bloodthirsty madman said to stalk the woods in search of new victims.
Directed by: Jason Daly
Produced by: Shawn Copenhaver

Adam Leadbeater
Lorena King
Cecilia Huete
Vivi Pineda
Alex Livinalli
Fernando Vieira
Eddy Acosta
and Ed MAdera as Shane

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