Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do you like paranormal stuff? Then check out the "Paranormal & Ghost Society" by founder Lord Rick

The Paranormal & Ghost Society is kicking off 2012 with a whole new year of projects taking it up a notch. We opened our doors in 2001 and over a decade later were approaching our 1000 expedition as of this year. With trips to Virginia City, Alcatraz and even the Winchester Mystery House there is a lot of excitement and buzz. 

PGS is a Para-adventure group based out of Nevada and California. Some of the locations we venture into are caves, mines, ghost towns, cemeteries, historic sites, haunted houses and ancient sites. We offer our own radio show that boast stand up comedy and crazy paranormal blotter. Our next adventure takes place in a haunted canyon this Feb. 4th where the skies the limits. Everything from ghosts, UFOs, bigfoot, monsters, mysteries, legends and anything strange!

Check out our site this is our newest logo and visit the investigation archives. We have thousands of photos, EVP's, videos and many independent services. We invite you to take the journey into the unknown where comedy meets reality with your founder, author, talk show host and producer Lord Rick!

Visit their Official Website for Paranormal & Ghost Society

Also check out their introduction of The Lovelock Cave an ancient site where the bones of real giants were uncovered. This was their last investigation as they traversed into the Great Basin! To check out more videos such as this one below feel free to visit Lord Ricks youtube channel also known as AngelOfThyNightPGS is the first Paranormal Entertainment Group in the World!!

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