Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feature horror film "No Strings 2: Playtime in HELL" Directed by Robert Noel Gifford

A clown doll becomes possessed from a demon sleeping within it. Jennifer finds and brings this doll into the home of Diane, who rents out rooms to a motley crew of beautiful women. Jennifer becomes greatly attached to this doll not knowing the true power it possesses. Once the evil demon clown doll comes out to play, who's game? Or should we say, who's left to see the light of day?

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Director, Writer, Producer: Robert Noel Gifford

Anju McIntyre
 Julie Anne
Anne Ferrari
Damien Colletti
Jacquelyn Velvets
 Maxine Wasa
 Zoe Vargas
Monique Dupree
Vania Bezerra
 Dani Thompson
 Melantha Blackthorne
 Brandi Asile
Jewel Elizabeth
Kylee Nash