Thursday, February 2, 2012

The TV series I'm in "La Fleur De Mai" Season 1 Episode 4 - Passion for Compassion

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The House of Fleur de Mai - FDM offers elegancy and sophisticated clothing for men and women

General Information
La Fleur de Mai exclusively on PEN, January 2012

Plot Outline
Big things are happening in the small city of Genevieve. As a small fashion house known as, "La Fleur de Mai" starts to bloom. It makes enemies with the notorious DiMarco family. As this rivalry turns more scandalous, everyone involved in the feud must cope with the wilting threat of HIV/AIDS and the three men who must face it.

Written By
Durand Saint-Hilaire

Neutral (It)

Public Transit
La Fleur de Mai will be release in January 2012

Second Season of La Fleur de Mai coming 2012. Keep up to date on everything by becoming a fan of the facebook fan page.

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