Saturday, February 11, 2012

Check out the psychological thriller film "Tormented" Directed by James Rogy

About the film........
"Tormented" is a psycho-thriller trilogy based on the super natural obsession that the dark mystical character "Luke Pagan" holds for Amanda Stone. She is a young vibrant snooty female in her late 20’s that feels as though she is on top of the world. Amanda’s best friend, Lori Miller, also thinks she is a gift to all mankind, so they both think. They go about their journey doing the normal routine young girls like to do, shopping, partying and looking for the next best thing. One afternoon after their encounter with the likes of "Luke Pagan", their lives are forever changed. The story takes place over one weekend with many abnormal ups and downs throughout the film. Amanda, never the committed type of a girl, meets Tim Withers. Tim is one of Lori’s dearest friends. Tim and Amanda become acquainted and realize they both have a thing for one another. This leads to more than just a friendly encounter. Things quickly take a turn for the worse with all of the interactions with Luke, Tim and Amanda. Lori starts to become concerned with things while Amanda starts to lose confidence in what is real and what is not.

Official Selection

Writer, Producer, DP, Editor: Jose Hernandez
Director: James Rogy

Lara Michelle 
James Rogy 
Samantha Elmer 
Zackary Kresser 
Melissa O'Donnell 
Doris Wright 
Keith Stahler 
Kimberly Bada
Mark Macarin 
Al Alba 
Terry Singleton 
Ralph Cole 
Hollie Schwartz

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