Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sage Hall wins Best Director Award for the short film "Candy"

Click here to see the short film CANDY

Release Date:
Horror Film Noir
StarFruit Productions & Bloody Unique

You brought your date to your mother's house? Not a good idea if your mother is as sweet as Candy.

* Screen Actors Guild Official Selection - SAG Foundation's Short Film Showcase (2011) - New York, NY

* Selection of the SAC Horror Convention Film Festival - Sacramento, CA

* Official Selection of the Hallowscreen Film Festival (2010) - Sarasota, FL

Sage Hall, Jesse Kozel, Jenny Beres
Directed By:
Sage Hall
Written By:
Jenny Beres
Produced By: 
Sage Hall, Jesse Kozel

             Jesse Kozel & Sage Hall

To find out more on Candy and to see the short, go over to Star Fruit Productions Website to learn all about this film and much more to be on the look out for from this group. They are awesome!!!

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