Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Friday Rants & Raves Day...check out Actor Lucius Baston!!!!!

                                 Florida SAG Actor Lucius Baston

In 2009, Lucius Baston Pushed Fast Forward in His Career Slam Dunking the Role of Deshaun “Midget” Hackett in the Movie “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” Starring Nicolas Cage; Speculated 2009 Oscar Nominee, “Best Actor” and Eva Mendes.

The Newcomer, Lucius Baston, Also Snags a Role in LifeTime Movie Network’s “The Wronged Man,” Starring Acclaimed Actress Julia Ormond, and in Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”.

Los Angeles, CA (January 2010) Watch this actor: As he piles up roles in all the right places, critics say the intense and absorbing actor Lucius Baston, has film staying power; And is credibly paving his way among a few of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Some actors seem to come out of nowhere, making memorable appearances in films that cement their careers; that’s just how it looks, the fact is: the actors that stick around have been paying their dues, over years of hard work and sweat.

Lucius Baston played alongside Alan Thicke and Michael Winslow, in the 2009 medical Comedy “RoboDoc”. He has also played in a notable number of smart roles over the last few years, including films such as, “The Touch”, “Unspeakable” & “Father of Lies”.

His most recent TV movie was "Teen Spirit" which aired on August 7th 2011. He plays the role of "Vice-Principal Richardson".

Watch out for this actor he is for sure on the rise!!!!
Want to know about Lucius Baston, click here for his Official Website.

Also check out the live-action web series that he is the Executive Producer on called "Starfist: A Few Good Men". See how you can help them get this web series going on their IndieGoGO page.

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