Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ginger-Stein: Comic Book #1 to make convention debut at ROCK-N-Shock Oct 14th-16th 2011

The comic book mini-series that I'm in along with many other talented actors an actress's will debut at Rock-N-Shock October 14, 2011. The inaugural issue will be available in limited quantities, and members of the modeling cast will be on hand to autograph the book (cast members have yet to be announced). For more information, please visit Rock-N-Shock for your tickets, as well as a complete overview of this year’s stellar guest list. This comic book series was created & designed by the talented Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio's.

Front cover of Ginger-Stein #1

Back cover of Ginger-Stein #1

Comic Book Created & Designed by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studios

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