Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR ALL...Check it out "Tears of Remedy" has won the award for Best Musical Score!!!

Congratulations to everyone involved in this film. We here at CYNDILAND wish you all much success!!!!

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Genre: Drama/Action/Fantasy

There’s a bar with a magnificent entrance, but the business here is not wine. SANG, the owner of the bar, also owns a singer, LUNA, who’s not like anybody else on this planet –people fall in love with her, when her voice falls upon their empty souls. But this dilutedfeeling only causes more pain, which can only be relieved when they pay Sang what shewants – tears.

We follow LEON, a once cold, relentless syndicate associate, who works for the Big Boss to makebusiness run smoothly in the competition with the Chairman, entered such a mysteriousbar one day, and his life changed since – he went on an unknown journey from thatmoment on, one that’s filled with desires and conscience, dignity and sacrifice, trust and betrayal....

This is an independent film featuring the ultimate fantasy of the new generation. Written, Directed and Produced by Lee Thongkhamthis film will express a unique concept of life and twist in its own way, and the visualsensation and emotional experience of the audience will be pushed to the extreme.

Adaptation from a Chinese short story by: Qi Bai

Check out the awards this film has won so for....

Winner - Best Musical Score

Winner - Best First Time Director

Winner - Best Film Shot on DSLR

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