Sunday, September 25, 2011

Check out the trailer for the new Horror/Thriller short film "B.F.F"

Check it out...the trailer for the new horror/thriller short film I'm in "B.F.F" is now up. Hope you all enjoy and become a fan and spread the word!!!!

Synopsis on the film........

Raven Relik & Anna Setib are going through what they consider to be the most important years of their lives....High School!!! Not only do they deal with everyday problems of most seventeen year old girls, they are also under constant pressures of maintaining and achieving a certain status & reputation among their peers. To make matter worse, both girls have recently been "talked" into getting BRACES!! Realizing braces are a sure way to destroy their popularity among fellow students, the girls go and visit an Orthodontist to see about concealing their new and unwanted dental jewelry. Constantly seeking validation, Raven & Anna will do anything to make sure that they are liked by everyone. But they are about to make more of an impression on the folks of Canales, FL and Greene High School than even they ever imagined!!

Directed by : Chris Greene
Produced by: Chris Greene & Lisa Megna
Starring: Anna East, Raven Daria Megna & Cyndi Crotts 

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