Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Holiday Postings #1....Check out the new film :"The Perfect House"

My good friend Lorrie Remington is one of the Associate Producers for this film. Please go and check it out!!!! "The Perfect House" will officially screen  FREE at the Aloma Cinema Grill in Winter Park on Sunday, September 11th at 6pm!!


Aloma Cinema Grill
2155 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792

The theater can fill up 250 seats, so get there early! First come, first serve. 
The film will start at 6:30pm sharp. Following the screening, there will be a Q and A with the producers to ask them anything you want about how the film was made, etc! "The Perfect House" Runtime: 1hr and 30mins. Three unique horror stories connected by a bookend story tells of the horrifying past a young couples potential dream house has endured. Just a heads up, "The Perfect House" is a horror film. It can be very intense, there is violence, some language, and very brief nudity. This film is not for the kids. 

To get your FREE tickets click here.
Click here to see the trailer for "The Perfect House"
Website for "The Perfect House"

Starring: Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, John Philbin, Chris Raab, Andrea Vahl, William Robertson, Holly Greene, Hans Hernke.
Directed by: Kris Hulbert/Randy KentWritten by: Kris HulbertProduced By: Kris Hulbert, Andrea Vahl, Randy Kent, Hans Hernke, William Robertson.

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