Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR horror/slasher film "Hunter" coming soon!!!

Check it out...a brand new horror/slasher film by Director, Co-Writer & Editor Ryan Shovey of Freak Daddy Productions. This is sure to be a hit with those in the horror industry. Please go spread the word and become a fan as well and help support this independent film they are looking to do. To find out more on the film and the people behind it all, click below for the official website & facebook page for "HUNTER". Also check out the website for Freak Daddy Productions. 

We here at CYNDILAND wish them much success!!!! 

The official facebook fan page for HUNTER

A little bit about the film HUNTER

Hunter”, is a slasher/ horror short-film, made by slasher fans, for slasher fans. It incorporates techniques used in some of the most highly acclaimed psycho-thriller films to date including, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, John Carpenter’s Halloween, and Wes Craven’s Scream franchise.
The story begins with our first victim, VALERIE JACOBSON, as she watches a scary movie. She is home alone, studying for “the big test”, but, becomes so involved in the movie that she jumps when her cell phone goes off. Her MOM is just checking in with her and making sure she’s safe. A text message from an unknown number interrupts her call, but she ignores it to finish her conversation. Once Valerie catches her breath and realizes her imagination is running away with her, she makes sure the door is locked, takes a shower, and gets ready for bed.
What she fails to realize is a MASKED FIGURE has been inside the house, following close behind her the whole time. While Valerie sits in bed, he attacks her. She struggles, but he over powers her and stabs her in the chest with a knife. The Masked Figure begins to laugh. A moment goes by before Valerie realizes there is no pain; there is no blood. The Masked Figure reveals himself to her.
It’s CHRIS REYNOLDS, her boyfriend, playing a joke on her with a fake knife. It’s his childish way of role-playing. Valerie gets upset with him, but they begin to kiss anyway. Eventually, she walks Chris to the front door. He kisses her goodbye and leaves. She locks the door behind him. As she walks back to her room, she checks the unread text message.
“Get out of the house!” it reads.
A loud THUD is heard at the door. Thinking it’s Chris again, she opens it, revealing the real KILLER holding Chris. He violently kills him, splattering blood all over Valerie’s face. With no where to escape to, she runs to her room and barricades herself behind the door. The Killer follows behind her, slow and deliberate.
The Killer eventually bursts into Valerie’s room, and gruesomely ends her life.
The short film is merely a taste of what is to come. The purpose for filming the short film is to show the quality, and brutality, that we are able to produce. Once finished, it will be sent out to film festivals and distribution companies who have a vested interest in our feature-length version, which is the ultimate goal.

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