Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New short horror film I'm in called "Taste Me", a film by Chris Woods

Check out the latest short film I'm in called "Taste Me". Here is just a brief synopsis on the film. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more up to date information on this film as it progresses.

About the film "TASTE ME"

This is a short horror film about a killer targeting women on an escort service web site called "Tasty Chicks".  A detective is tracking the killer and trying to protect the women from the site before another girl ends up dead.  As the killer is lurking around the city it appears that someone is not what they seem to be.

Joe Makowski 
Trish Dempsey 
Cyndi Crotts 
Shade Burnett 
Jill Larramore
Jeania Ingle 

Special appearance by Bob Glazier, "Dawn of the Dead's" Mike Christopher, and King of the "B" Movies, Joel D. Wynkoop.

Written & Directed by: Chris Woods

This film will be released sometime in April 2012.  To keep up to date on this film and many others, check out Icon Film Studios for more information.

Click here for the Official website for Icon Film Studios

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