Friday, March 23, 2012

"Hells Little Angels" gets it's 2nd write up on Horror Society!!!

Horror Society does another awesome write up on the feature film "Hells Little Angels". It's still brand new and it's getting a lot of great feedback. 

The official website for the film is still in the works. So come on over and LIKE the Facebook fan page to keep up to date on all of the film's happenings and help them spread the word. 

We would like to thank the team over at Horror Society for this awesome 2nd write up, these guys ROCK!!!!

Cast that have been announced so far in the film are: Shannon Lark, Cyndi Crotts, Christina Daoust, Julie Anne Prescott, Kenneth Matthews, Mike Christopher, Joel Wynkoop, Lindsey Riesen, Raven Daria Megan, Makaylee Rinaldo, Rusty Riegert, Jeff Johnson & Russell D. Mercier

Director, Writer & Producer: Cyndi Crotts
Co-Director: Johnna Troxell
Assistant Director: Anthony Colliano
Unit Production Manager: Pat Tantalo

Here is a little bit about the co-director, assistant director and the unit production manager of "Hells Little Angels"......We are so very proud and honored to have them all a part of the team for  this film.

Pat Tantalo has worked on numerous films and TV productions for many years such as, "CSI Miami", "Secretariat", "Halloween II" (2009), "Hall Pass" and the most recent project "The Three Stoogies", which is soon to hit theaters this April.

Johnna Troxell is the Writer, Director and Producer of the short horror film, "Ambiguous Figure". This film has been hitting the film circuit by storm. So far this year, her film has been the official selection at 5 film festivals and has 2 nominations, one for best child actress and the second for best short film. 

Anthony Colliano is the Writer & Director of the horror feature film "12/24" which won Best Feature Film at the Pittsburg Horror Film Festival last year.

Official teaser poster created & designed by Dennis Willman

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