Sunday, March 11, 2012

New series "HIT WOMEN" gets prime time distribution!!!

You heard right, the new series "HIT WOMEN" gets prime time distribution and CYNDILAND was there to get the behind the scenes look at their "test" pilot premiere. We were at the Local Pro Expo presented by which was held on Saturday March 10th. Check out some of the pictures from the test pilot series "HIT WOMEN" that we were able to get and the exclusive insight about the series. 

Rock House Productions LLC is teaming up with another production company to produce the 13 episodes of this prime time television series which will be distributed worldwide.

Directed by: Ranelle Golden 
Written by: Stephen Wright & Ranelle Golden
Ranelle Golden is the Screen Writer & Creative Director & Mohan is the Executive Producer of this awesome new show "Hit Women".  

This is a series about four women with various government backgrounds. Sniper style revenge in high-Heels.

Click here for the Official Website for "HIT WOMEN"
Official Facebook fan page for "HIT WOMEN"

Kristin Passinita as "Jazee Jones"

Lorrie Remington as "Roz Summers"

Debbie Rallo as "Sam Jenkins"

Diana Rallo as "Danne Berry"

Exclusive screen shots and pictures from the test pilot premiere of "HIT WOMEN"

What a great time it was getting to meet each of these beautiful ladies and the production team behind this awesome new series. Definitely keep your eyes open for these ladies and be sure to add "HIT WOMEN" to your book marks list and to keep up to date on when and where to see this brand new series. We here at CYNDILAND wish the ladies of HIT WOMEN and it's production team all the best for this awesome new series!!! 



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