Monday, March 12, 2012

FREE copy of the indie film "Island of the Cannibal Death Gods", find out how!!!

Here is a special request post for all the readers of CYNDILAND!!!!!

Indie Horror Fans!!!!
Fellow Indie Fimmaker Jeff Freeman is asking for your support!

Today is the day the fundraiser goes into full swing for "Island of the Cannibal Death Gods"For the next week, March 12th - March 17th, if you download or rent a copy of the feature film "Island of the Cannibal Death Gods" through their official website, they will donate all profits that are raised for the sales, to the "Animal Rescue Mission" and to "Scares That Care". That's correct all profits raised will be donated equally between "Scares That Care" and the "Animal Rescue Mission". Donate as little as $3.00 for two great causes, helping children and animals and in return you get a FREE can't beat that.
Click below to head over to their website!!!!

Official Website for Island of the Cannibal Death Gods

Why Writer/Director 
Jeff Freeman Chose To Make...
 "Island Of The Cannibal Death Gods"

"I specifically made this Indie Horror movie as a homage to the cheesy Drive-In horror films of the 60's & 70's. I wanted to make a film that reminded me of the horror films I used to watch on TV as a kid on shows like Creature Feature".

"Back then you'd get the usual fair of Universal and Hammer monster movies, the giant rubber monster movies from Japan, and of course a plethora of low budget cheesyhorror films from all over the world. As I grew older and discovered directors likeRoger Corman, Ed Wood, Bill Grefe and HG Lewis, I wanted to make a Horrorfilm that would be a nod of respect to film makers like them".

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