Saturday, March 17, 2012

Actor Joel Wynkoop to appear at the Comics & Collectibles show March 18th!!

Joel Wynkoop will be a special guest this Sunday March 18th at the Comics & Collectibles Show held at the Minnireg Center in Largo, FL. Get out there an meet the King of B-Horror movies!!

Joel has also recently just been cast in the new grind house horror film "Hells Little Angels" which starts shooting this year. Congratulations Joel, we wish you continued success in your on going career!!!

Veteran B-movie horror actor and King of the B movies Joel D. Wynkoop will be at The Largo Comics & Collectibles Show on March 18. Joel has starred in over 70 B movies and has long since been a favorite amongst fans of the humorous and the macabre. With a career spanning several decades, the characters he often portrays range from a demented masked madman in Wicked Games who kills various people with beer cans and garden sprinklers, to a psychotic policeman in Dirty Cop No Donut  who spends his time terrorizing the local menace to society. While most of the films he appears in are shot on a shoestring budget, critics are almost always in agreement that they are more entertaining and imaginative than many of the larger horror films coming out of Hollywood.
Joel started in the business in 1984 with a direct to video movie called Twisted Illusions.  This secured his partner Tim Ritter and himself one million dollars from a Chicago based production company called Peerless Films to do the motion pictureTruth or Dare A Critical Madness.  Once they finished Truth or Dare they went onto make the movies Killing Spree, Wicked Games, Creep, Screaming for Sanityand Dirty Cop No Donut, while simultaneously launching Wynkoop’s career with other movie makers.  Wynkoop went on to star in Rot, Scary Tales 1 and 2, Lost Faith, The Bite, Shaawanokie  BrainjackedStopped Dead Herschell Gordon Lewis’ The Uh-Oh! Show, Twisted Illusions 2, Strip Club Slasher, The Adventures of Cope Ransom, Jacker 2 Decent to Hell, Always Midnight, Jan-Gel 2, Not of this World 1 and 2, Fall of an Actor, All Wrapped Up, Deathplots, Beyond the Lost World, Serial Killer, Angel Avengers  and the soon to be released Demon. 
Amongst his features Wynkoop has also appeared in several shorts and cameo spots in other independent productions as well as TV commercials and infomercial’s.  Wynkoop  is also behind The Joel Wynkoop Show and his Sci-Fi TV Show “The Other Side”.  

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