Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Free-For-All!!! Check out Viscera Film Festival!!!!

The Viscera Film Festival honors women filmmakers within the horror genre. Each selected filmmaker receives a hand crafted Viscera Statue, a walk on the Festival's bloody carpet, and distribution. In addition, all-female productions have the opportunity to receive the Viscera Award, a monetary award intended to recognize that women can be particularly horrific when they join forces. For filmmakers who choose distribution, Viscera will send your film to its supporters, who are in ever growing community of journalists, magazines, websites, promoters and film festivals worldwide.

This event will be held in Los Angeles California at the Silent Movie Theater on July 17th, 2011. An Award Ceremony, Special Guest Speakers, and am After Party is included.

Click here to go check out the Official Viscera website. Viscera Film Festival Official Website

If you have an extra dollar or two handy, then the Viscera Film Festival could really use your support. They are half way there at reaching their fundraising goal so any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.

My good friend and fellow actress Shannon Lark is the Founder, Chair and Co-Director for Viscera Film Festival. Please go check out their IndieGOGO page to make your donations. Also check out the official Viscera Film Festival website to see all the great things that this film festival does to help women in the horror film industry.

Viscera Film Festival: Raising money for Women Horror Filmmakers & Equality in the Film Industry!!!

Click here to make a donation to the Viscera Film Festival Indie GOGO page

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