Friday, April 1, 2011

My thoughts of the Day :-)

So ever wonder what it is about people that they all seem to be so busy but nothing is ever happening? Why is it when you need their help they are never around. Seems that people of today are all about themselves and no one else. They get what they can from you and then they're done. Did people ever stop to think that maybe that person that wanted or needed your help might just have a great idea? When was the last time you knew of someone that made it completely on their own with out the help of one person? Yea, people need people and that's what it takes is a team to make things happen. Just because he or she is the little person on the ground, doesn't mean that you pass them over just because of the bigger person that is helping you. Ever stop and think, that you might just be that smaller person that they are helping because they are the bigger one? Funny when the table get turned...seems as everyone forgets where they came from.

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