Monday, April 11, 2011

My Thoughts of the Day :-)

It's funny when being in the entertainment business how much work is put into just getting your name out there. The hardest thing of all is sticking with it and trying to not give up on your passion no matter what it may be...singer, actress, artist, band etc. A good bit of people try to get into the entertainment business because they think it will be easy and a quick way to do something an get paid with out really having to work. Funny, though, it's more work than you really think. You have to really have a love for it in order to really be true to it and yourself and be willing to stick it out. It's the hardest thing to really try an do as for as business's go.

Promoting yourself constantly and doing everything you can to keep on top of things. Plus there's the money you have to spend in order to promote yourself not knowing when or if you'll get paid on a project to put the money back you spent. Then there's the wait and wondering when and if anyone will ever notice you. Sometimes people get lucky and make it in the entertainment business but more fail at it an the big reason is too long of a wait to get known or not getting to know the right people and no one giving that person a chance. If you're willing to stick it out, spend money to get to the right people and places, then you could probably say, that you would have at least a 50/50 shot. Other than that the best way is knowing someone that is already famous or well known then they allow you to ride along on their journey and from there your dream of getting known is priceless.

Now you can take another route and do what a lot of people of today's society are doing at that is, get on a reality TV show....LOL....yes it's true, people are getting well known almost on a daily, weekly basis from just being on reality shows. So if that's the avenue you can take if you're willing to go through the grueling survivor shows, or the game shows of physical fitness or maybe you'd rather go another route and be another Jersey Shore kind of show or maybe get on a dating show. Yea people are doing anything and everything to try and get in to be famous now days. Funny, even though we make fun of some of these reality people, they are for sure getting known even if it is for better or worse. People don't think, the only way someone does become famous is by other people making them famous by keeping up with there every move and talking about them.

That's just my opinion I could be wrong :-)

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