Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's the WEEKEND FREE FOR ALL....Check out the "Ft. Slaughterdale" trailer!!!!

The time is here and the trailer for the feature film "Ft. Slaughterdaler" is now up!!!!

Ft.Slaughterdale is a story about Eddie, A construction welder who was killed while working on the pier at the beach in Ft. Lauderdale. His death was caused by the drunken actions of some female spring breakers. Now each year, he comes back to claim his revenge and hopefully find the girls who are responsible.

Written by: Brian & Johnna Troxell
Directed by: Brian Troxell
Cast: Tara Price, Tatiana Liary, Lily Le Roi, Evelyn Scott & Marjorie Arment

Go check out the buzz this film is getting already.....

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