Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CYNDILAND gets its first ever magazine exposure in the Nov issue of "Fashion Frenzy Magazine"!!!!

Check it out!!!! CYNDILAND gets its first ever exposure article in the new November issue of "Fashion Frenzy Magazine". This is a first for CYNDILAND to get exposure in the entertainment industry. I'm so happy and excited about this!!!!  

The article tells about CYNDILAND and what it's all about plus you get to read about Cyndi Crotts as well, the lady behind CYNDILAND. You get to find out what projects and films she's involved with as well.

Below you can see the preview pictures from the magazine article.

Here are the articles below from the magazine

CYNDILAND is a great place to keep up to date with any and all things independent. Anything from feature films to short films, film producers, entertainment magazines, internet radio shows, actors/actress’s, bands and singers, directors, photographers and many, many more. There is their Friday Rants and Raves day where they post up about who's been making a buzz in the entertainment world. Then they have what they call their Free-For-All weekends where they post up about various individuals and companies in the entertainment business that would like to get a little extra exposure. This is a great place if you’re in the independent side of the entertainment business. They do what they can to help promote the independent companies and individuals so they can get the credit and notability they need to help get them noticed. So go over and become a fan and follow CYNDILAND.....GET ADDICTED!!!!! All Things Independent.

Who is Cyndi Crotts?
Cyndi Crotts started her acting and modeling career at the age of 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Years later she made the decision to move to Florida where she could go on to pursue her acting and modeling career. She has worked with several professional filmmakers, photographers and make-up artist all over Central Florida as well as in Utah, South Carolina and New York. Since then, Cyndi has become one of the newest Pin-Up/Scream Queens in the horror genre: and she plans on living up to her title.

Some of Cyndi’s film projects so far include roles in many horror and sci-fi features such as, Warbranch Productions feature film “Bikini Monsters” directed by Terence Muncy, Breaking Glass Pictures feature film “Brainjacked” directed by Andrew Allan, and written by Andy Lalino. She just recently finished filming “B.F.F” a film by Chris Greene of Detour Entertainment, which this film has already gotten a lot of buzz so far.

She also has written her very first feature film called “Hells Little Angels” which is a grindhouse style film and is looking to start production sometime in 2012. Her company Traveling Brat Productions will be producing the film.
Cyndi can also be seen in the new comic book series created by Dennis Willman of Iron Dead Studio’s called “Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead” as Officer Kate Sully, which will debut Oct 2011 at Rock-N-Shock. She is also the cover model and centerfold for the October 2011 issue of PinUp America Magazine and she is the PAGE 3 GIRL in the Oct. 2011 Issue #89 of Born To Ride Magazine.

The November issue of Fashion Frenzy Magazine
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Official website for Fashion Frenzy - You can go here to read the article online. 

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