Saturday, November 19, 2011

Advertise in PinUp America Magazine for as low as $25.00!!!!

That's right, advertise your business in America's favorite magazine 
"PinUp America Magazine"!!!! 

Ads start for as low as $25.00!!!!
Publication available in 6 major bookstore chains! 
Distributed world-wide through their website, events & various international retailers! 
Downloaded through the iPhone, iPad and Droid APP stores! 
Plus tons of other perks included! 
Want more info on how you can advertise in PinUp America Magazine....
then send them an e-mail at: 

Still not getting your attention......Here's a perk for ya........

Purchase an ad today and you get this......
* Posted in PinUp America's album, 
* Posted up on their website, 
* You get mentioned on their PinUp America radio show 
* Complimentary copy of PinUp America Magazine!

Send an e-mail to and ask for an ad kit!!!

Tell them you heard about it through CYNDILAND!!!

Check out the 2011 issue's of PinUp America Magazine

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 March/April issue

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July/Aug issue

Sept/Oct issue

 Nov/Dec issue

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