Monday, November 14, 2011

The comic book I'm in "Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead" issue #1....Second run is NOW Available!!!

GINGER-STEIN Issue #1 Second Run Is Now Available!!!!!

That's right...."Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead" is the buzz around town. 
It's got an amazing cast including...Cari Thompson, Deneen Melody, Apple Angel, Cyndi Crotts, Bobby Ray Akers Jr, Dee Dee Bigelow, Monique Original Gata Dupree, Leslie Easterbrook, Belinda Balaski, Bianca Barnett, Jorden Eisenberger and so many, many more.

Ginger-Stein sold out on it's first run but now there is a second calling for this comic book and you the people showed such an over whelming need for it that Iron Dead Studio's has gotten the second batch of comic books ready and they are NOW available online for purchase!!!!

Definitely check out this awesome comic book I'm in. Don't forget, the holidays are here and this would be the perfect stocking stuffer for you or your zombiefied friends!!!!

So what are you waiting for.....all you crazed zombie fans come and get the most kick-ass comic of the century!!!!

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