Saturday, April 28, 2012

New anthology "Backroad" from Campfire Pictures

Anthology entitled "Backroad"

Currently Campfire Pictures is working on there Final Installment of there Anthology entitled Backroad.  Their previouse two shorts "Room for Rent"(2011) and "Phobia" (2010) have gotten good reviews and positive feedback from fans! They are in pre-production for their film "Backroad" and currently have an indiegogo page set up to help raise funds. They also have a fundraiser concert set up in south east Michigan on May 12th in hopes of raising more funds for their film. 

Check out their Facebook link below and their Indiegogo page also. If you're in the Michigan area, head over to their fundraiser concert and make a donation!!!

Also check out their Indiegogo page 
for BACKROAD as well and make a donation.

Check out their Official facebook page 

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