Sunday, April 29, 2012

BLACK FLAG.TV broadcasting independent films 24/7

Official Website for BLACK FLAG.TV

Black Flag TV is the place to see many truly amazing independent films produced by filmmakers driven by a passion for the genre! We broadcast (almost) 24/7free of charge, screening imaginative movies that you just won’t find at your local video store or through mainstream download channels. 
What’s on Black Flag TV?  Everything from independent short and feature films, series, and documentaries to music videos and even vintage public-domain films. Most of our content falls under the umbrella of horror/ thrillers, fantasy, space and science fiction, action, and martial arts. But you’ll also discover edgy comedies and bizarre stuff that just cannot be categorized! On Black Flag TV, we run midnight movies all day long!
Why Do We Do It?    Because we believe in independent movies! Typically, low-budget inde films are more audacious and creative than the usual Hollywood fare. The makers of these movies often deal with content big-budget producers consider too risky. Further, few distributors are willing to include these daring independent films in their catalogues. This is where Black Flag TV stands out! Our mission is to provide these movies with the fitting exposure they so clearly deserve! 
Free Movies all the Time! But You Can Donate to the Cause!
Black Flag TV brings you free movies all the time! Just to be totally clear about that, we offer 24/7 programming at absolutely no charge. If you like what you see, however, you can help keep us going by donating to the cause. Several subscription plans are available; choose the one that is for you! Some plans include free gifts and really cool swag. Thank you for your financial support. 
No PPV! No VOD! No Downloadable Movies!
Nope. None of that. Just plain old-fashioned TV. In these days of everything being available online, on-demand, this may seem a concept from the stone age, but we like it retro! And every movie screening on Black Flag TV runs several times a week indifferent time slots, so you’ll easily have opportunity to see your favourites. Also, you can visit our Amazon store and purchase the movies on DVD. Most of the films presented on Black Flag TV are made available on DVD via our sister company Black Flag Pictures.

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